Want to review for us?

Do you want to review for My Book Addiction and More?

  • First let us say, GREAT.
  •  Second let us say that we do NOT pay for reviews. You will receive free ebooks/ARCs/Books for the purpose of an honest review, but you will NOT receive any money for said reviews.
  • We do NOT allow file sharing or the sharing or selling of ARCs. If you are found to be sharing eFiles or ARCs or selling them you will be asked to leave our site and all information we have on your will be turned over the publishers/authors/publicist/contacts. They may decide to take legal action against you. We are NOT responsible for your actions and we will not defend you. If you are pirating/stealing from an author or publisher you are stealing.
  • We do NOT bash authors. We ask that you be honest in your review but in no way are you allowed to bash an author or book. If you can not give a good concise reason as to why you did not like a book it will not be published. We do ask that you be honest and give authors a reason for your issues or dislike, this may help them to improve their craft.
  • We ask that you NOT post your review to another site without our express permission. All reviews are the property of My Book Addiction and More/My Book Addiction Reviews
  • You MUST join our yahoogroup, which is private you will be sent an invite to join the group upon approval, you will be given 1 week to join our group if you do not we will take that as a sign that you do NOT want to review for us.
  • All reviewers will be placed on a probational basis for the first 3 months of their time with us and only receive 2 books a month during that time.
  • We are not requiring you to read ebooks but it is helpful. As most publishers are leaning more and more heavily on eARCs vs paper ARCs.
  • We do ask that you be willing, once you are past your probation time, to review at least 2 books a month.

If you are still willing to review with us and follow these rules. Please email us at bookaddict3568@gmail.com with “reviewer” in the subject line.

2 thoughts on “Want to review for us?”

  1. Robert Wall said:

    I have just read a review of Pilot Mountain by April on Goodreads.com. When will it be posted?

  2. I have just read a review on Barns and Noble about Prophecy of the Flame – When will the entire review be posted?

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