1 thought on “Review Request Form”

  1. Peter Tyner said:

    This is a 300 word pitch about the story.
    Thank you,

    Consciousness of Innocence
    A novel by Peter Tyner, tynerco@gmail.com
    66K words
    Fifty year old Paul Osgood accepted news of his disease with a shrug. So what? Wasn’t he the most unaccomplished man in history, with no legacy except the tragic bus accident that burned so many children? He wouldn’t be missed. There were no relatives, buddies, church, school, job or even a bowling team to say goodbye. No wife, girlfriend, or kids. This entire experience was a bust. Or a mistake.
    Then, Paul is shocked to find he has a grown son, Toby. Emails are exchanged, and a meeting with the wary 22 year old military helicopter pilot is set for Las Vegas on a Monday. The time window was narrow, as the boy would be shipping out to Afghanistan on Tuesday morning.
    This could be a game changer. Paul plans to drive the old pick-up truck north on deserted highway 95 connecting Riverside to Las Vegas. No freeways, no death traps.
    It’s a seven hour trip, but he’ll leave on a Saturday A little early for sure, but walking around Vegas would be a kick, and he can sleep in the truck.
    On the way, Paul is surprised to see an old-fashioned velocipede, an original high-wheel bicycle just lying on the berm of the highway. A fair-to-middling handyman, he stops to look more closely. Surprisingly, it’s brand new. Maybe someone has been hurt, or worse, lying helplessly on the back side of the berm. He’d better look.
    Climbing on the berm, he has a nasty fall, producing an encounter with the evil Groedes, and a chance for salvation in the Redemption Road House. Paul rejects them both and over the next three days, is dragged through his own history of prior lifetimes and lessons. This leads him to his final opportunity for redemption.

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