FTC Rules

Okay I have to post this according to the FTC, I think. Books posted for giveaways from the publisher are noted to be from a publisher. Some giveaways which will be noted, are from my personal stash of books. Authors do giveaways as well. Unless I have noted my thoughts on a book it does NOT mean that I am endorsing the book if I host the author or a giveaway. This is all very confusing for me, personally. But I’ll try my best to note when I have already read a book I’m hosting the author or giveaway for and let you know my thoughts. Some books that are reviewed here are personal buys, some where given to me by the authors some by the publishers. However I will never take or accept a book that I am NOT allowed to write my true feelings for the book. Nor do I feel by giving me a book I have to say I loved the book. As I am not the only one who writes reviews for my blog, it means that the others receive books just as I do, either for free from the author or publisher or they have bought the book themselves. I will try my best to note with each book post if it’s a book that was received from the author/publisher or if it was purchased. I’m not sure what to do with the books that I purchase and then receive a free copy of, since I often have that happen.

If this is confusing to you I’m sorry it’s confusing and odd to me as well. I don’t understand it, but I can’t really afford not to post this either. So here it is.

I hope this complies with the rules.


WendyK & those who review on My Book Addiction.

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