For Authors…

If you are an author and would like us to review your book or to be a guest at our blog to promote your book or just to talk, please fill out our Review Request Form. Someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Review Request Form

If you are after a review, we will do them, however be aware that we do not have set dates for getting reviews done. All reviews are done as our time allows. We will try to get them done as soon as we can, however we are strong mood readers and we no longer make ourselves read books we’re not in the mood for. So your book may not get reviewed  in the order it is received. If you have questions or concerns please email me.

We do accept most all books, however be aware that just because we accept your book we are not assuring you a review. If for whatever reason we can NOT get into the book or we find our feelings for the review are just awful we may choose not to put up a review. We started this blog to tell others about the great books we’ve found, not to have another job. And we will NOT use this blog to bash any author. We may post our feelings on books, good or bad, but will NEVER bash an author. If we dislike something we will try our best to give you a good concise reason why. We reserve the right to not post any review we feel is too negative, as well as the right not to finish/read any book we accept. By accepting your book we are agreeing to try it, not to finish it. We do NOT return books. We do accept ebooks, PDF or Kindle or Kobo. There are genres we do NOT read however we take each book on a basis of that book, not it’s genre. We reserve the right to NOT accept any book we feel we won’t read.

As we start back up, there are only a couple of us, so please be patient as our book maybe reviewed by any one of us. We do NOT tell them what to think or write or how to rate a review and we will NOT change ratings. We ask that they be honest but hurtful and to never Bash an author but we do NOT ask them to give a false rating.

Thank you.

If you’d like us to review your book please email us at If you’d like to be a blog guest please email us, be aware that our dates do fill up but we try our best have dates open.  We also have a sister blog, We are trying to post reviews there and post features/guest posts/giveaways/etc. here. We do offer interviews. We ask that all guest posts be sent to us 3/4 days prior to your guest post to allow us time to get them formatted for the blog. We also ask that if you have images/information you want included in your post please send that information along with your post. It is becoming increasingly hard for us to search out images and bios of authors and links to where books can be purchased, as well as being time consuming. We do NOT get paid for this blog and prefer not to sell ad space here, at this time.

If you have questions please email me.

Thank you

The Staff of My Book Addiction and More

3 thoughts on “For Authors…”

  1. I have tried to send an email at the address above but it keeps telling me – missing or malformed recipient.

    Your website came to me via my google alerts. My first book has recently been published and now its time for me to start promoting it in any way I can.

    Therefore I would like to promote it on your site.

    Look forward to your reply

    Kind Regards
    Nina Bagnall

  2. Would love to blog or do a Q and A about my debut historical romance novel, SECRETS OF A PROPER COUNTESS, coming from Avon in April 2011.

    I’ll be happy to include a copy of the book for a give away on your site, too!


  3. Dawn Seidel said:


    I just wanted to let your readers know that Author Becky Due is giving away her Books!
    You can sign up on her site ( or like her facebook page (Becky Due-Author) and you are entered to win her Book-Package Giveaway which includes: The Dumpster: One Woman’s Search for Love, Returning Injury: A Suspense Celebrating Women’s Strength, Touchable Love: An Untraditional Love Story, The Gentlemen’s Club: A Story for All Women, and Blue the Bird: On Flying.

    Thanks Dawn!


    Becky Due

    Sign up for the Book-Package Giveaway at
    Here is the link to my book package giveaway on my blog.
    I also have a giveaway page on my website.

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