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My name is Wendy Keel, I am a daugther, wife, mother, friend and  reader. I was a reviewer for TRRC but left due to family obligations. I miss being there, but knew I needed more time for my family. I still love to read and will be posting reviews to my blog as often as I can. I look forward to having more authors visit my blog.  If you would like to be featured on my blog or would like me to read/review your book, ebook, or would just like to contact me for advice on writing, this blog, or anything please email me at wendykeel at gmail dot com. I look forward to meeting and learning about new authors, and new readers. I am now Lisa Renee Jones’ virtual assitant. An adventure I’m enjoying and an author I adore.

Hello, My name is April. I am Wendy’s moma. So you can see I’m a mom, a wife, a reader, and a retired nurse. I have 4 grandkids and my oldest wants it noted that they all love me. I am the review and blog guest coordinator for My Book Addiction as well as an assistant to author Donna Grant. I love helping others succeed.

Hello everyone, I am thrilled to be joining the review team here on My Book Addiction and More.

My book addiction started when I was in my 20′s and has been going strong ever since. Winter is the best time for me as it is hibernation time. I used to review at a different site but due to family commitments I had to step down.

I love to read mysteries, thrillers, romantic suspense and psychological thrillers. Recently I have started reading paranormal and have been intrigued! 

Looking forward to meeting everyone in cyberworld!


Author Bio


    Sheila Hendrix is a native of Alabama and resides there with her husband of fifteen years. Her only children are her eight dogs. She works as a nurse for a psychiatric hospital and also does reviews for two magazines, although she hasn’t done that in awhile because she’s been busy writing he own Young Adult Series.

   Sheila has always wanted to write but never thought she’d be able to. It’s been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. She practically raised her little brother because her parents both had to work. She had to grow up fast and that was where she got the idea of writing about two brothers whose parents abandoned them when they were little.

    The Dark Circle book series is her paranormal series she’s working on right now. She got the idea for The Betrayal after having a nightmare that stayed with her for days.

    The Betrayal is the first book in the series and should be coming out by the first of year, 2012. The second book in the series is Head Games and then Darkness Falls. She doesn’t know how many books will be in the series but there will be several.

   Her hobbies are reading, writing, gardening, traveling, hiking, camping and swimming. She is currently in school to earn her Associate Degree in Paralegal studies but her dream is to write.

Hi, my name is Dorothy Ayscue(DorothyA). I am 74 years old. I enjoy cooking and working with flowers. I like to work in the church,I enjoy singing and I like to read clean books. I hav 2 grandchildren and 6 Great Grand-Children which I love very much.

Hi, you guys know me. I am April Renn(AprilR). I am a retired/disabled nurse after 21 years of nursing in all aspects of nursing,including EMS and Rescue Squad. I enjoy reading a variety of genres with historical romance being my favorite,whether inspirational,western,paranormal,or erotic.I am a mother,grandmother,step-Mom,step-grandmother,wife,friend,sister,aunt and love to not only read,but crafts also.I love my country,my family,and my God.


An avid reader, reading approx 4-6 hours a day, I can always be found with a book or eBook. I like to run on my elliptical, go camping with my family and write. My favorite genres are romance, romantic suspense or thrillers, urban fantasy, vampires, demons, angels, shifters, BSDM, and general erotica. Simply put, I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl that enjoys an occasional deliciously tattooed alpha male demon lover to dream about!

In my real life, I’m a registered nurse in a busy open heart ICU in Toledo, Ohio. I live outside of a tiny town, in a 175 year old farm house, on a river with lots of trees to sit under and read by.

I’m the mom of three, only one of which still live at home. Wife to my fabulous, fun and personal alpha male, Fred. And mistress to a house and barnful of dogs and cats.

I can also be found: Goodreads: leeannbarker963

 Twitter: @leeannbarker963

Facebook: leeannbarker963

Email: leeannbarker963@yahoo.com Or leeannbarker963@gmail.com

Leeann Barker, RN leeannbarker963@yahoo.com

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  2. All we need is for City Hall to is open up some data and pitch in the prize money. ,

  3. Robert Wall said:

    Hi April, I just read you review of Pilot Mountain on Goodreads.com. Thank you. When will it be posted?

  4. Charles L. Fields said:

    Thank you “Wendy’s Mom” for the concise , accurate and positve review of my book, Sentimental Me.
    Look for the sequel, Canyons of the Soul , soon.
    Charles L. Fields

  5. 9Wp5vM Menia viebali kak shmelia na goufake YYou!!!!

  6. I’m now following you on twitter. If you want to follow me back I’m @mikedtheauthor
    Thanks. Happy Mother’s Day.

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