Is your favorite author on this list?? Who would you add ?
Me I would add: Sue-Ellen Welfonder ( Scottish) Victoria Roberts (Scottish), Jess Michaels, Bronwen Evans, Christa English, Cara Elliott, Victoria Vane, Madeline Hunter, Katharine Ash, Vanessa Kelly, Jade Lee, Marylu Tyndale, and Jennifer Hudson Taylor…

Historical Romance Addicts

My Recommendations

Of course there are a host of other great authors I feel sorry I could not add here but these ten are the most read and most critically acclaimed. There is also a wide variety of authors with different styles to suit any reader.

1) Mary Balogh

Regency Romance

Mary Balogh

The person most commonly associated with historical romance mainly due to her more traditional style Regency romances and her witty, subdued style reminiscent of Jane Austen.

She’s been around since the 1980’s and continues to go strong wow-ing her large fanbase with her emotionally stirring, character-driven romances. She has several series to her name including the famous Slightly series and more recently the Huxtable series.


Less sexual romances, Jane Austen style conservative romances, and don’t mind romances with little action

Read her reviews on this site


2) Sarah MacLean

Regency Romance

Sarah MacLean

New on the scene just 2 years ago, MacLean…

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