Okay so I’m on the fence on this issue. I want to strike, kinda. I think the idea of these new laws are excellent, however I think the “blanket” writing of them is not. I can’t explain the laws or how they are written. What I do feel/know is that any law that doesn’t take each situation on that situation’s basis is not going to work. You can’t say that every site that gets a complaint is automatically wrong. Anyone can make a complaint just to be mean/spiteful. So I disagree with a law that “blankets” everything. But a way to stop pirates I’m all for it, if it’s done correctly and in a way that handles every offense on it’s own merit not on a “one size fits all” idea. Those never work,even in clothes. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” so while we aren’t striking persay, we did want to share with you that as you may know sites are striking and we will stand with them to stop a law that makes every offense the same or that seems to not be written very well. If you’d like more information or a better explantation click here.