Mia as Rosalinde in Die Fledermaus.

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Good Morning Mia and thanks for being here today….

MBA:    Mia,tell our readers a little about yourself?

MM: First, thanks for having me, April. Of course, you had to start with the hardest question. I’d rather write about anything but myself. 😉 How about if I tell you some of the things I love?

Traveling~I’d rather have an adventure than a new sofa, which probably explains my
not-ready-for HGTV décor! History~I love walking a cobbled street and imaging whose foot has been there before mine. Art~A painting or sculpture sparks my imagination and I’ve met more than one of my main characters on canvas. Music~I’m a classically trained soprano, so my kids accuse me of being a musical snob. Guilty as charged. I can’t help it if rap sounds like a particularly cacophonous construction site.

Is that enough about me?

MBA:  What made you want to write

A Duke For All Seasons  if there was a reason?

MM: I started A Duke for All Seasons as a serialized novella on my website back in January 2010. I posted a new chapter each month and invited readers to send in comments and suggestions about where they’d like to see the story go. It was great fun, but mid-year I had to abandon the novella to complete work for Kensington and Sourcebooks.

But I always felt I owed it to my readers to finish Bella and Sebastian’s story and now I have. You can download
Duke for All Seasons FREE at
or if you prefer the ease of Kindle delivery, it’s available

for 99 cents.

MBA: Mia, can you tell our readers which of your jobs other than writing was your favorite?Why?

MM: I loved singing professional opera,which may be why I wrote an operatic heroine in Duke! Arabella St. George is a diva to her bones. There’s something magical about a story that’s encased in shimmering sound, gorgeous costumes and the tawdry opulence of a stage set. But both Bella and I discovered that music can be a demanding god.

My kids were small at the time and singing demanded a good deal of time away from home, so I decided not to lay my family on the altar of my career. I’ve never regretted that trade.


 A Duke For All Seasons, did you know from the beginning who would be the hero/heroine and what the plot would be or did it come together as you went along?

MM: I wish I could tell you have I’m the sort of writer who does detailed outlines and spreadsheets and knows each day where the story is headed. Alas! I merely cling to my hero and heroine’s hands and trust them to lead me through the mist. However, I’ve decided it makes for a more exciting story that way. If I’m not sure how it’s all going to end,chances are my readers won’t get there ahead of me either.

MBA: How did you pick the setting in

 A Duke For All Seasons?

MM: I’m afraid the setting is an afterthought. First, Sebastian Blake, the Duke of Winterhaven, burst into my consciousness, demanding I tell his tale and be quick about it because he never gives any woman more than three months of his time. Of course, I wanted to know why he shunned long term committment, so His Grace had to stick around in my head till he was ready to give up that info.

Though my stories are very character-centric, I knew I wanted a secondary plot of espionage and political assassination, so the Regency, when England was perpetually at war with France, was a  perfect time and place to plop down Sebastian and Arabella’s love story.

MBA: Please,if you can, tell our readers a few tidbits about your future project(s)?

MM: Oh, boy! It’s dangerous to get me started on that. I have soooo many books coming out in the next year, I’m almost embarrassed. Almost.

First, in November you can find My Lady Below Stairs as an e-novella.

This story was originally released in A CHRISTMAS BALL, an anthology with USA Today Bestseller Jennifer Ashley. Now it’ll be standing on its own little electronic feet. Hope you’ll make room on your ereader for this story Library Journal says is “worthy of Shakespeare!”

Next January,my first collaborative novel with NY Times Bestseller Connie Mason
hits the shelves. Connie has come out of retirement for this and it was
wonderful working with such a romance legend! Since Connie’s fans are used to
trekking through all time periods and settings, we were able to place in 16th century Scotland.

Then next summer,

we’ll be off to medieval Scandinavia for

(Visit my Coming”>”>Coming Soon page
to check out that cover! Whoa!)

In March 2012, the second book in my Touch of Seduction series comes out.

TOUCH OF A ROGUE is a historical/paranormal adventure romance featuring a hero who is a metal mage. When Jacob Preston touches metal, he hears the voice of the ore and receives visions from it. Which makes it difficult to accept dinner invitations since silverware is notoriously chatty.

Jacob is trying to help the beautiful, but mysterious widowed Countess of Cambourne recover an ancient
Druid dagger to complete the set her husband was amassing. She thinks the rumor of power surrounding the blades is the stuff of legend. (Actually ‘stuff of legend’ would be a better description of Jacob’s bed skills!) Lady Julianne discovers both rumors are true!

I could go on. Honestly, between new releases and reissues, I’ll have a title out every month from January to August next year. I’ve been incredibly blessed. I just hope among those stories you find some that speak to your heart.

MBA: Last but not least, Mia, please tell our readers where to find you and where your books are available?

The best place to find me is on my website: or I blog there on site at least 3 times a week and you can send me an email through the Contact page. I’m also

http:on facebook and


My books are available through your local bookstore and all major etailers. For friendly reminders of when new ones are coming, I hope you’ll sign up to receive my  newsletter .

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Thanks for having me and happy reading!


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  • Publisher:Ten Talents Press; 1 edition (September 8, 2011)
  • ASIN: B005M4WAZC

A Duke for All Seasons

Sebastian Blake, His Grace the Duke of  Winterhaven, has an inviolate rule when it comes to mistresses. He never  keeps one longer than a turn of the season. But then he’s never met a  woman as tempting as Arabella St. George

A fiery operatic diva, Arabella is  blackmailed into helping the French. When she gives the envelope  intended for a French assassin to the Duke of Winterhaven by mistake,  she’ll do anything to retrieve it. Even if she has to seduce it away  from him…

Read an excerpt



 A DUKE FOR ALL SEASONS by Mia Marlowe is an exciting historical romance set in Regency England. An e-novella. It is written with details and depth with characters that are not only enduring but will capture your heart also.It has everything a reader could want. It has romance,love,danger,passion,adventure,,sweet sensuality,deception,a French assassin,a beautiful,sexy opera singer,blackmail,and a handsome,sexy rogue.When the sexy,handsome Sebastian Blake,Duke of Winterhaven meets the beautiful, sexy opera singer,Arabella St.George all he sees is another possible mistress. But what he  finds is an intriguing,Arabella who could possibly be a French Spy. What follows is a game of deception. While blackmail has forced Arabella into something she has no desire to be into but must to save a life precious to her. Sebastian will do what he must to save his country,his lady(Arabella),the life previous to her and bring down a French assassin.  This is a fast paced story that is quick to read and have you turning pages. It is full of passion,lust and finding true happiness. A must read. Details can be found at Ten Talents Press.