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L.J.Sellers is an award-winning journalist and the author of the bestselling Detective Jackson
mystery/suspense series: The Sex Club, Secrets to Die For, Thrilled to Death, Passions
of the Dead
, and Dying for Justice. Her novels have been highly praised by Mystery Scene, Crimespree, and Spinetingler magazines, and the series is on Amazon Kindle’s bestselling police procedural list. L.J. also has two standalone thrillers: The Baby Thief and The Suicide Effect. When  not plotting murders, she enjoys performing standup comedy, cycling, social networking, and attending mystery conferences. She’s also been known to jump out of airplanes.

WELCOME, Lara Evans, protagonist of The Arranger:

MBA: Tell our readers about yourself, Lara Evans, your likes/dislikes, where you came from, where you hope to be in 10 years.

I grew up in Fairbanks,Alaska with redneck parents and one brother, who died five years ago. Except
for his funeral, I haven’t been back. I’ve always had an overabundance of energy and an adrenaline addiction. As a teenager in a small town with nothing do to, that was a lethal combination. I partied and got into trouble and ended up being arrested. That motivated me to get the hell out. I packed what I could into a couple of backpacks and caught the ferry to Seattle, where I stayed with a friend. I enrolled in community college, then worked as a paramedic for a while. I ended up getting a two-year criminal justice degree and applying to become a police officer. I think I knew that wearing a badge was the only thing that would keep me out of trouble.

It’s hard to say where I want to be in ten years. After the dark shift, I stopped making goals because
everything is so unpredictable now. I just want to keep helping people through my paramedic job and maybe find a partner to share my life with.

MBA: What made you decide to compete in the Gauntlet?

I watched the first Gauntlet on the net and was captivated. I’m a very physical person who works out every day. I run, kickbox, and climb walls at the climbing gym, so I thought I already had many of the skills needed to compete. I just needed to step up the intensity and diversity of my workouts. Most of
all, I wanted to bring home the grant money for my state. Oregon laid off half of its police officers and teachers in the downsizing of 2017, and it crippled the state. Kids drop out of school, and criminals go unpunished. I wanted to reverse all that with the grant money and the jobs created by the AmGo processing center.

MBA: What about the $10,000 cash prize to the winner?

It would be a nice bonus, but if I win, I’ll give half to a family that I inadvertently hurt my last year as a homicide detective. That’s another reason I really want to win this event. I’ve lived with a lot of guilt since then, and I’m hoping to redeem myself and maybe start to heal.

MBA: When you found the federal employment commissioner wounded, what were your thoughts?

My first thought was that the whole scene was trouble for me. The shooter had taken a shot as me as he left the house, and the wounded man had called for a freelance paramedic instead of calling 911 to summon the police. Doesn’t that sound like trouble to you? Then when the bleeder told me he was the employment commission who oversees the Gauntlet, I knew there was no backing out. He held my fate in his hands as much as I held his life in mine. In that instant, we needed each other and we
were bound together to face the shitstorm that was coming.


MBA: If you could change anything in the past, present, or future, Lara, what would it be and why?

I would go back and change that fateful day when I made an error in judgment and ended someone’s life. That’s the darkest moment in my life and career.

MBA: Now one last question, Lara, who is your love interest, and what draws you to this person?

Wade Jackson, the man who trained me to be a detective, has always been special to me. We almost got together a few times, but our timing was never good. I love him because he’s the most decent, hardworking man I’ve ever known. He always does the right thing, and he has a magnetism that draws me to him whenever we’re in the same room.


 The Arranger: A Futuristic Thriller by L.J. Sellers – NURTURE Book Tour Schedule:

The Arranger: A Futuristic Novel
Author: L.J. Sellers
Genre: Fiction – Futuristic Thriller
Published by: Spellbinder Press (August 1st, 2011)
Age Recommendation: 18+ for Mature Themes
Format: Trade Paperback & eBook
ISBN 13: 978-0983213857

The Arranger: A Futuristic Thriller by L.J. Sellers

The year is 2023 and ex-detective Lara Evans is working as a freelance paramedic in a bleak new world. She responds to an emergency call and is nearly killed when a shooter flees the home. Inside she finds the federal employment commissioner wounded, but she’s able to save his life.
The next day Lara leaves for the Gauntlet—a national competition of intense physical and mental challenges with high stakes for her home state. She spots the shooter lurking at the arena and soon after her contest roommate turns up dead. Who is the mysterious assailant and what is motivating him kill? Can Lara stop him, stay alive, and win the Gauntlet?


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The Arranger by L.J. Sellers was received for the purpose of review from the author
and Nurture Virtural Book Tourz.It is a futuruistic thriller set in the year 2023. It is well written with details and depth. The characters are engaging and interesting. This is the story of Lara Evans,an ex-policewoman,a freelance paramedic who has entered the Gauntlet,a physical and mental competition with high stakes for the winner’s home state. She also is caught in the intrigue,mystery,suspense, competition,which involves someone she helped as a paramedic,who could help or hurt her chances in the Gauntlet competition. This story is fast paced full of action,intrigue,murder,high tech,suspense,a bit of romance,with twists and turns that pull you into the story and a few obstacles
in the mix.A great  futuruistic thriller read.Well worth the read. Details can be found at Spellbinder Press.