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Well today my baby boy turned 10. Yes 10 years ago today we welcomed my first of two little bundles of joy into the world. When did this sweet little bundle turn into a 10year old? Where did the time go. Seems like yesterday we were sitting in the living room, him in a bassinet or my arms while we learned of the tragedy of 9/11. Then I turned around and he was staying at my mom’s over night or with my inlaws, then before I knew it he was almost 3 and we had another bundle of joy, baby girl, that he simply adored. Before long he was in school………and now he’s 10 years old. How did this happen? When did he stop being my little baby with the soft skin who rarely cried, he’d wimper when he was hungry. This little boy who’d go to sleep best when you rubbed his head(like his daddy). This little guy who’s still so very loving and while others keep telling me to prepare for him to stop wanting my hugs, I’m treasuring each day that he does, that he asks me to walk with him or to “love me moma” or when he just says “I just wanted a hug”. My baby is 10.

And in honor of his 10th birthday he says I have to give away a book or two, so I plan to do just that. We will Labor Day and my son’s 10th birthday. Here’s the deal, you will have until Monday, September 5th to comment here and tell us what book you are looking forward to reading this holiday weekend. Why that book? What made you pick that book to read?

Giveaway is open to everyone, for ebook only.

And what do you win you ask? Well I’m doing this one a bit different. You can win any ebook from Lisa Renee Jones. If you want print you must live within the US. You win 1 book. So it’s 1 winner. Now I have a few extra copies of some books and some books we are giving away and if we get plenty of comments I’ll post a list of books and pick a number of winners who can choose their book. So the more people who comment the more chances I’ll offer up more books.

So that’s it. Comment and you may win. Get others to comment and more people may win. In fact I’ll go ahead and say if we get at least 20 different people to comment on this post I’ll throw in 3 books I have extras of. I’ll tell you what they are later(I have to go get them so I’ll be back with them tomorrow). So that will be 4 winners, if we get 20 different people to comment. 1 winner will get a Lisa Renee Jones book(ebook/print), and 3 others will get a print book I have.

I hope everyone has a great safe Labor Day weekend and Happy Birthday to my baby boy!!!