Her name is Cameo Renae Rosete, but as an author, she goes by Cameo Renae (it was actually her husband’s idea). She is married to her best friend, and they have two beautiful children together (teenagers now). Her family has been her encouragement and constant support through this whole process. Oh… and her critics! :)  In a good way though…

Apart from being an author, Cameo has two jobs: booking horseback tours into the Haleakala Crater, and working in the wedding industry in Maui. She works with coordinators on the island, who book her husband to perform their wedding ceremonies. He is a top Hawaiian officiate there on the island.

“Writing actually relaxes me. When I started In My Dreams, I never thought it would turn out the way it did. I really had no plan, and no structure. I just wrote… and it became. I’ve been perceived as a very happy, bubbly person, but this story is dark and kind of sad, which is very unlike my personality, but there are bits of humor inserted. I love watching paranormal shows, ghost stories, anything with vampires or angels, and great love stories… I guess that’s why In My Dreams came out the way it did.”

Cameo Renae is in the process of writing her next book which is the first in a new, Paranormal Trilogy.

“We’ll see what the future holds. Whatever it is… I’m up for the challenge!”

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Lizzy will be taking on these questions.
She’s really excited, because this is her first interview. She’s practically pushing me off my seat to get to the keyboard. Sheeze, Lizzy… relax!
MBA: Tell our readers a little about yourself, Liz/Cameo and your story?
My name is Elizabeth Ashley Hayes. My friends call me Lizzy. My boyfriend called me Liz. I’m seventeen, and recently graduated from high-school. It was a long four years and I’m glad it’s
over. I live with my mom in Alaska. She’s a recovering alcoholic, who had a mental breakdown after my dad left us. He moved to Florida with his younger girlfriend (slut), and we haven’t heard
from him since. Life was hard growing up. My mom was drunk most of the time,
so I practically raised myself. Thank God I had Michael. His parents were friends with mine, before the divorce, and that’s how we met. We were both five at the time. Michael was my best friend growing up. He was my rock, my shoulder, and my strength. He was also my complete opposite. The ying to my yang. But… he was recently murdered. Some bastard druggie killed him and tried to come
after me to get after his money. If it wasn’t for Michael…I’d be dead. I’m sorry… That’s still a very sensitive subject. I don’t like reliving it.. so you’ll just have to read about it.
MBA:  Liz what would you call your lowest depths of mercy? Why?
The night I received the call from Michael’s dad was my lowest. I’d passed out on my couch waiting for Michael to pick me up. He was late. I didn’t notice the time until after his dad called me, which was after 11pm, and he was supposed to pick me up at 5pm. I can still hear Michael’s
dad’s words ringing in my ears… Michael is dead. I thought I was in some kind of twisted nightmare. I was numb, totally numb. It didn’t hit me right away, but when it did… I lost it. The police
thought it was a car accident, but I knew the details didn’t add up. He was found in a desolate location, and would never have gone there unless he had to.Not having Michael around completely ripped my world apart. If he didn’t come to me, in my dreams, I don’t think I would have been able to cope with his death. Michael will always be part of me… even in his death. He not only saved
my life… but many others. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but Cameo has written my story in her novel, In My Dreams. It’ll take you for a ride.
MBA: What is your greatest fear? Why?

My greatest fear is not accomplishing what I need to on this earth. I’ve been given a gift, and I hope to use it to help others, like Michael, who wish to find peace.
MBA: What do you hope to accomplish in “In My Dreams? Why?

I  hope that my story will let others know that their loved ones, who have passed, are still near, watching over us. They check up on us from time to time, and one day we will get to see them again.
MBA: What is next if you can tell our readers?

Well, I know that Cameo Renae has something else brewing in her mind. Maybe a sequel to In My Dreams. My story is not complete, so I’m hoping that she’ll finish it one day.
MBA:  What knowledge do you hope to leave with readers today? Why?
Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Life throws you ups and downs, but you’ll get through it. Like Michael told me… Just live each day and don’t forget to breathe.
MBA: If you could change anything in the world today what would it be and why?
It would probably be our leadership… I feel that there’s too much corruption, and hidden agendas at the top. Yes, we do need leadership, but we need good, honest people, who care about the well being of everyone in their care. I know it’s almost impossible to find these days, but there are people like that out there.
MBA: Can you tell our readers a few tidbits about what is next on your agenda?

For me… I’m going to continue living and breathing… one day at a time. I still think of Michael every single day. It’s going to be a tough road ahead, but at least I have something to look forward to.
As far as Cameo Renae… She’s working on her next thrilling novel. She let me take a peek, and believe me…it’s going to be great! The girl in the next book… whoa… I thought I had it rough!

About the book: It was happening again. The dreams. The nightmares. It was something seventeen year-old Elizabeth “Lizzy” Hayes thought she’d outgrown; dreams that would come true; detailed premonitions of how people would die. This time she dreams about her boyfriend, Michael Young, and soon discovers that he’s been found… dead. Michael hasn’t crossed over because he was murdered, and now his murderer is coming for Lizzy. His spirit won’t rest until she is safe, and as a newbie spirit, the easiest way for him to make contact is through Lizzy’s dreams. When she dreams, it’s as if he hasn’t died.
Lizzy must learn to pull on her inner strength to survive horrifying events. Meanwhile, in the spirit world, Michael learns everything he can about his supernatural gifts to help. But will it be enough to save her?

In My Dreams
Author:  Cameo Renae
Genre: YA Fiction –  Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Thriller
Published by: CreateSpace (April 30, 2011)
Age Recommendation: YA – 15-17 years of age – for mild violence
Format: Perfect Paperback & eBook
ISBN 13: 978-1461083993


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