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Today it is out greatest pleasure to welcome Catherine Mann author of Cover Me. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

My Book Addiction---welcome

Catherine Mann Guest Blog, Author of Cover Me

Cover Me by Catherine Mann Cover

My Book Addiction and More; July 28, 2011

Saving the Day for Catherine Mann

By Tech Sergeant Wade Rocha

Hi, Tech Sergeant Wade Rocha here. If you’ve already read Cover Me you know who I am. But for those of you who haven’t met me yet, I’m the lucky dude who got to launch Catherine Mann’s “Elite Force” series about Air Force pararescuemen.


Why am I here writing a blog instead of out there saving somebody’s life? Well, today, I’m actually saving Cathy’s butt since she’s up to her eyeballs meeting a deadline. The guys and I decided to step in and help out.

Okay, I decided since Cathy so very kindly gave me a smoking hot, amazing woman to fall head over ass in love with. (Have you met Sunny Foster? If not, once you do you’ll totally see why I’m in debt to Cathy Mann!)


I’m repaying some of that debt by writing Cathy’s blog. I told the guys they’d better suck up and help too since their fate is still in play. So, we’re going to do a roll call for you.

And before you say anything about me being some frickin’ figment of Cathy’s imagination, I beg to differ. So do my buddies. My team. How about I get to it and introduce all of us?

I’m Tech Sgt Wade “Brick” Rocha. I tell people I got the call sign (aka nickname) Brick because my last name basically means rock. But the truth is, I’m stubborn as a brick. Really. Just ask my military family. I’m also a junk food addict, which presents a problem on the home front since the love goddess in my world is a granola eating wilderness guide. But hey, a guy’s gotta make a sacrifice every now and again for true love. Right? And Sunny’s totally worth it.

Standing next to me is my pal Master Sgt Hugh “Slow Hand” Franco.


Holy crap, can he ever play the guitar – Slow Hand, like Eric Clapton. Get it?! And uh, hey, (whispering) Hugh’s kind of a head case since he lost his wife and kid. He takes some crazy risks, which is why I stick close to him. Just in case one day he steps too far over the edge trying to save the world. Like that’s gonna bring back his wife and kid? Heart breaking sh–.

Uh, sorry. We military guys tend to curse. A lot.

Next up is Major Liam “Walker” McCabe. One funny dude, for sure.


He used to be an Army Ranger back in the day. Then he went the college and officer route when he swapped over to the Air Force. But we haven’t forgotten his enlisted days as a ranger. That’s why we call him Walker, like that old TV show, Walker, Texas Ranger. Yeah, McCabe’s Chuck Norris tough. He may suck at relationships – divorced three times, WTF? – but he’s the best guy we could ask for to lead our team.

(And it’s his book giving Cathy fits right now. Only a few more days and she should be done. We hope. Because last time we looked, McCabe and Rachel were in deep, deep sh–… oh, wait. I’m not supposed to tell you those kind of details. Wouldn’t want to spoil the ending.)

Other guys on our team? Tech Sgt Jose “Cuervo” Jones, a real fitness nut, runs marathons, and will go the distance for any of us, anytime. And now that I think about it, it’s ironic as hell that his call sign is Cuervo since I can’t recall when I’ve ever seen him drink.

If you’ll look over there at the guy working a Sudoku puzzle, that’s Staff Sgt Marcus “FANG” Dupre. He’s the youngest on our team, which is what his call sign means. FANG: Frick, Another New Guy. (Except we don’t say actually say frick. The whole cursing thing, ya know?) Once another newbie shows up on the team, Marcus will get his official call sign.

Last up for you to meet today? Staff Sgt Gavin “Bubbles” Novak. He’s the moody, scowling one over in the corner cleaning his gun. Nobody knows what’s rumbling around in his head (except Cathy and she won’t tell us.) But Novak gets the job done, so he’s cool by me.

And that’s the team. For now. Cathy’s kinda closed mouthed about some things, so we don’t know what the future holds. We do know, however, that we have a job to do, a Special Operations mission to save lives, anywhere, anytime.



Oh, hey, I almost forgot. I’m supposed to introduce the author too. Catherine Mann writes books, lots of books, about military action and steamy romance. She writes for Sourcebooks, Harlequin and Berkley. I heard she’s won some awards – a RITA and Bookseller’s Best and some others. (Her husband brags on her or we wouldn’t have known that part.) Her husband’s one of us, an Air Force brother-in-arms who flies jets. They live in Florida, have four kids and foster animals for the Humane Society.

When does she find time to write?

If you want to find out more about her, check out her website www.CatherineMann.com

 So I wanna know, if you could pick any character in a book to write a blog, who would that be?


Thank you soo much “Brick” and Cathy for stopping by today! You both are awesome. You can find a review of COVER ME here. Also thanks to the wonderful Danielle at Sourcebooks I’m thrilled to let readers know that we are offering  2 copies of COVER ME to two commenters. So there will be a total of 2 winners who will each get 1 copy of COVER ME.!!! Giveaway  is open to US and Canadian Residents only. Giveaway will run from today July 28th until tomorrow July 29th at Midnight EST. If you want to win you MUST answer Brick’s question. So go forth and comment. Good Luck to everyone and thank you again Cathy and Brick for being our guest!