Vicky Dreiling is a confirmed historical romance junkie and Anglophile. Frequent business trips to the UK allowed her to indulge her passion for all things Regency England. Bath, Stonehenge, and Spencer House are among her favorite places. She is, however, truly sorry for accidentally setting off a security alarm in Windsor Castle. That unfortunate incident led her British colleagues to nickname her “Trouble.”

When she’s not writing, Vicky enjoys reading, films, concerts, and most of all, long lunches with friends. She holds degrees in English literature and marketing. A native Texan, she shares her home with her daughter and a spoiled mini-lop rabbit that lives in a slightly gnawed cardboard cottage.

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MBA: How hard is it to write a historical romance novel today?
That’s the question that was posed to me, along with how difficult it is to publish a series?

I’ll start with the first question, because it’s a bit easier to answer. Historical romances have certainly evolved ever since Kathleen Woodwiss published The Flame andThe Flower way back in 1972.  Back in those days, many of the historical romances included forced intimacy, which wouldn’t fly with modern readers these days. In many ways, I think historical romances have progressed along with
women as we’ve grown and changed along with the times. Over the years, readers have increasingly demanded high quality writing and accurate research. As with many things, we have a tendency to bounce from one extreme to the other. For a short while, the hue and cry for super accurate research occasionally superseded characterization, conflict, and romance in historicals. But I think
we’ve found that balance in which the books reflect the time period, without resorting to numerous pages of boring description.

Another aspect that has changed relates to our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles. These days, readers simply do not have as much free time. In addition, our books are competing with other forms of
entertainment.  So it makes sense that the extremely long historical romances of yester years no longer serve the needs of readers. I think awareness of these factors and paying attention to
reader feedback in places such as Goodreads helps keep writers in tune with their target audiences.

There are so many different sorts of historical romances on the shelves. Tone, plot, characterization, and particularly premise (big story idea) make for some dramatic differences in the types of historical romances available. Both HOW TO MARRY A DUKE and HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL have unusual story hooks or high concept premises that are spoofs on modern dating practices. HOW TO MARRY A DUKE is a Regency-era version of the hit TV show The Bachelor. Yet, the book also
contains traditional plot elements involving the matchmaker and forbidden love.Similarly, HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL is a play on the how-to catch a man advice in The Rules. Like HOW TO MARRY A DUKE, Scoundrel contains the traditional plot elements of the guardian and
forbidden love. These multi-layered elements made the books a bit trickier to write, but it also added a fun element that makes the books unique.

Kieran Kramer and Sarah Maclean also rely on high concept titles and premises in their wonderful historical romances that have a young and fun aspect to them. Other newish historical authors rely on old-fashioned language and leisurely plotting that harks back to the beginnings of historical romances. Still others have swashbuckling elements that include adventure and fast-paced

All of the above examples demonstrate what a wide variety is available to today’s reader. I feel there is something for a wide range of readers in historical romance. The trick to selling a series or trilogy of
books is to differentiate your novel from all the others on the shelves. Most of all, it’s important to write stories that appeal to you and that grab your emotions.

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ISBN: 9780446565387



Published on: 7/01/2011


Edition: Forever Special Release


Miss Julianne
Gatewick is in a pickle. It started when her brother’s best friend-for whom
she’s long nursed a secret tendre-agreed to act as her guardian for the
Season, only to seduce her with a risqué waltz. But when the music stopped and
the expectant ton waited for Marc Darcett, Earl of Hawkfield, to claim
her as his own, he made his disinterest clear. Rather than succumb to
humiliation, Julianne does what any self-respecting, recently discarded young
miss with a wicked sense of humor would do. She secretly pens a lady’s guide to
enticing unrepentant rakes . . . and it becomes the hottest scandal sheet in

Every honorable rake knows that friends’ sisters are
forbidden. But suddenly Julienne has a spark of mischief in her eyes that Hawk
can’t resist. Try as he might to push her away, he spends his days listening for
her laughter and his nights dreaming of kissing her senseless. He’s always
avoided innocents and their marriage-minded mothers, but has the man least
likely to wed finally met his match?

“How To Seduce A Scoundrel”:  Excerpt

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This book was received for the purpose of review from Reading Romance Book Blogs and the publisher for my honest opinion!! 

HOW TO SEDUCE A SCOUNDREL by Vicky Dreiling is an exciting
historical romance set in 1817 Richmond,London.It is written with wit,depth and
details.The plot is easy to follow.The characters are enchanting,witty,engaging
and will capture your heart while they capture each others hearts also. It has
wit,romance,sweet sensuality,love,rogues,
love,passion and the ability to follow your heart.Lady Julianne Gatewick is an
innocent,beautiful,has longed for her brother’s best friend for years,left in
London for her fourth season with Hawk as her guardian and with his dear aunt
Hester.The Earl of Hawkfield (Hawk),is handsome,sexy,a rogue,Julianne’s
brother’s best friend and the one she is determined to win his heart. What
follows is witty banter between the Hawk and Julianna.While Hawk knows Julianna
is forbidden,she is up to mischief and he can not resist her.She has grown up
and become a woman.Together they will learn that all is fair in love and war,or
is it..Hawk will finally learn to forgive himself for past mistakes,learn to
forgive his father for along sins and learn he is a good man and worthy of
Julianna’s love,heart and trust. Julianna will learn that there is more to love
than just a physical attraction.This is this author’s second book and a keeper.A
must read.It will keep you turning the pages from beginning to end. This book
was received for the purpose of review from the publisher and details can be
found at Forever,an imprint of Grand Central Publishing.
REVIEWED BY: April Renn