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Sara lives in the UK, in leafy suburbia with her husband, daughter and dog.
She was training to be a Legal Executive once upon a time until she saw sense and went to university.  She graduated in 2002 with a History BA (Hons) degree after giving birth to a daughter in 1999 in the middle of it all.  Ever a glutton for punishment, Sara returned to university at the end of 2007 and in 2008 graduated again with a History MA.
Sara has been writing since her teenage years and has now made it her full time focus.  Her first book, The Devil You Know was published in 2008.  Preview chapters of her second book The Organ Grinder are available on the Books page above.
Her latest project is the Swords series, a dark victorian vampire romance saga inspired by the Tarot.  The first book, Knight Of Swords is now available from Hellfire Publishing.
The Devil You Know is a sexy thriller set in Paris and not for the faint hearted!
The Organ Grinderis a fast paced thriller.  It explores the relationship between the media and the military in Afghanistan and the sensitive subject of selling stolen human organs for transplant in the face of a worldwide shortage.You can let Sara know what you think of the books via the Contact page or email her at sara@saracurranross.com

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MBA:What is the one thing that would surprise most people about you?

I get the impression many people believe I am neat and tidy with my appearance and therefore my house is always that way as well. It would be a shock if they knew that I let it all go when I am working. When my writing is flowing I will often sit in my PJ’s with bed hair all day to finish it. I don’t have a neat and tidy house, especially if I am in the middle of the book. I don’t want to waste time on it when writing. Family takes precedence and then my writing, the house most definitely comes last. Well, that is until I have visitors then I clean like crazy and they never knew what state it was in! LOL.

MBA: Where do you see the future of “Knight of Swords” and “The Organ Grinder” going?

There are four books in The Swords Series. The second book, Ace of Swords will be released by Hellfire Publishing on the 15th November 2011 and I am in the middle of writing the third book, The Hanged Man. I plan to write books on the other characters in The Swords Series and I have started a modern spin off called Knight of Coins. I have also been experimenting with a humourous modern version called, The Vampire Lover’s Diary in which I explore the relationships of the adult children of human vampire hybrids and the Lycans. The Knight of Swords world will be expanded but Nathan and Juliet will always be in the background of whatever new story I write. You can follow my work in progress on these two stories on my blog at http://www.saracurranross.blogspot.com.

I would love to write a sequel to The Organ Grinder but for the moment until The Swords Series is finished it will have to take a back seat. But I have been getting a few ideas and jotting them down.

MBA: Can you tell our readers why you enjoy writing paranormal/vampire stories.

When I am writing I love escaping into a world where anything is possible. Myths and legends of supernatural creatures have always interested me and here I can explore them.

MBA: In “The Organ Grinder”, there is human organ trafficking, what, if you can tell us, made you write about this serious problem?

I was doing my history dissertation on the myths surrounding vampires in English history when I came across internet sites discussing the growing trade of people travelling the world to find an organ. In some countries people are selling their organs to survive. There have been stories about people being kidnapped and having their organs taken. In one particular country there is a wide spread belief that many people found guilty of petty crimes are being executed for their organs which are sold for a profit. It has been reported in some cases that organs have even been taken from them without their consent before their execution. Stories of such happenings are emerging around the world. It made me think of Hitler and what could happen if it is allowed to continue unchecked. I felt I had to write about it.

MBA: What do you hope your readers will come away with by reading both “Knight of Swords” and “The Organ Grinder”?

From The Organ Grinder, I hope people ponder on the whole organ donation issue. I would love them to realise how special it really is but to also think about how easily it could be abused in poorer developing countries by the more affluent without a conscience. I really want to make them aware of the whole issue as it quite often seems to be ignored in the media.

From Knight of Swords I really want readers to think about love being unconditional and having no boundaries.

MBA: Do you feel a deep connection to your characters and why?

I always get close to my characters. I get to know them well and often I feel sad when the book ends and they leave. But when I wrote Knight of Swords my characters appeared to be more vivid and real than I had ever encountered before. I see my stories as a movie in my mind and this time I felt as though I was in it with my characters as I wrote. It was a very strange surreal experience. You will always hear writers going on about how they see their characters lounging around the house and talking to them as they write. They make them feel like a candidate for the funny farm but it is all part of the process of writing or is it? I certainly had that experience with Nathan in KOS. I even wrote about it on my blog in a post called, Characters or Angels?

KOS is based on the tarot and in particular the tarot card, The Knight Of Swords after it intrigued me by always coming up in my tarot spreads. I had a tarot reading with a very good tarot practitioner recently. She told me I had a deep connection with my characters because I had known them all before in a past life! Make of that what you will. Spooky or what? Let’s just hope they weren’t really vampires!

MBA: Who do you credit your love of writing to and why?

I never really credited it to anyone. I have always had a compulsion to write stories since I was a teenager. Even if no one wanted to read my work I would still have to write all of the stories in my head down. Lol. But I do have favourite authors that have definitely encouraged this compulsion. I love Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer and most definitely Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle with his Sherlock Holmes stories, Christine Feehan and Lynda La Plante.



Knight Of Swords         AVAILABLE NOW FROM Hellfire Publishing
Book One of the new Swords series from Sara Curran-Ross
Nathan Valancourt must protect his beautiful ward from a vampire killer.  As the battle unfolds, their true heritage is gradually revealed, offering hope of redemption.
Nathan Valancourt is stinking rich, a darling of London’s social set in 1893 and a notorious womaniser.  He had never believed in the supernatural but when a vampire killer masquerading as a clergyman begins haunting his dreams and forcing him to endure visions of the murder of his previous female conquests, Nathan determines to amend his frivolous ways.
When the killer turns his attention to Nathan’s beautiful ward, Juliet, Nathan is anxious to protect her.  As they battle the monster, Nathan and Juliet gradually realise that they share a psychic connection.This close bond triggers the discovery of their true heritage as descendents of human-vampire unions and leads to the gradual revealing of powers beyond their imagination that offer them hope of victory.
Read sample chapters and how Knight Of Swords was inspired by the Tarot: wwwknightofswords.blogspot.com
See sample chapters from books two Ace Of Swords and three The Hanged Man: saracurranross.blogspot.com
The Organ Grinder    AVAILABLE NOW FROM  Solstice Publishing
  Security expert Dominic Kane helps his journalist ex-lover uncover a medical conspiracy to commit mass murder and sell human organs to the highest bidder. Award winning journalist Rebecca Eaton crosses the closed border of a troubled Asian country to interview a Human Rights activist and known terrorist.  Three days later, after her reported mysterious disappearance, she turns up at the border tortured, beaten, minus her memory and one kidney.  When an attempt is made on her life in hospital, her employer sends Eaton’s estranged ex-lover and security expert Dominic Kane to bring her safely home.Kane wants Rebecca back and jumps at the chance to make her realise she walked out on a good thing.  But before he can entice her into a reconciliation he has to help her retrieve her memory and assist her in exposing a worldwide medical conspiracy involving mass murder and the selling of human organs.

Kane has to protect Rebecca from the men sent to silence her and the terrorists who insist she bring the medical criminals to justice or they will detonate four suicide bombs in London.  As he helps her unravel her lost memories Kane finds the conspiracy reaches into Rebecca’s family and the highest echelons of power.

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The Devil You Know
  “You take one step out of that door without me and you are in serious trouble.  Leave my side once and you are a dead woman.”Christian Dalban is hired to protect Isabelle Mayer from the violent head of a mafia family who will stop at nothing to force her back into his bed.  But Christian is determined that she won’t find out why he is the only man capable of succeeding where others have failed.  If she knew the reason she would never trust him with her life nor would he blame her.  But as their relationship develops into a passionate sexual encounter  Christian realises that he is not the only one keeping a secret that could threaten both of their lives… 
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