Knight Of Swords         AVAILABLE NOW FROM Hellfire Publishing

Book One of the new Swords series from Sara Curran-Ross
Nathan Valancourt must protect his beautiful ward from a vampire killer.  As the battle unfolds, their true heritage is gradually revealed, offering hope of redemption.
Nathan Valancourt is stinking rich, a darling of London’s social set in 1893 and a notorious womaniser.  He had never believed in the supernatural but when a vampire killer masquerading as a clergyman begins haunting his dreams and forcing him to endure visions of the murder of his previous female conquests, Nathan determines to amend his frivolous ways.
When the killer turns his attention to Nathan’s beautiful ward, Juliet, Nathan is anxious to protect her.  As they battle the monster, Nathan and Juliet gradually realise that they share a psychic connection.This close bond triggers the discovery of their true heritage as descendents of human-vampire unions and leads to the gradual revealing of powers beyond their imagination that offer them hope of victory.
Read sample chapters and how Knight Of Swords was inspired by the Tarot:
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KNIGHT OF SWORDS by Sara Currin-Ross is an exciting paranormal/fantasy set in 1893 England.The plot is easy to follow,will have you turning pages from the beginning to the last page. This is book one in “The Swords series”.It will not only capture your interest it will also capture your heart.Cinderella meets her Prince Charming and becomes Sleeping Beauty while being part human,part vampire and a little Druid all in one great story.The characters are enduring,engaging,enchanting,determined, and strong willed. This is the story of the Taliean hybrid vampires.Juliet,is to be a Queen,although,she doesn’t know that yet.She is being abused by her uncles sons,who want her inheritance.She is also the ward of Nathan’s uncle.Either of them realize they are different or their secrets.But when Nathan is sent to retrieve Juliet for his uncle,he soon learns of his families secrets and hers.Nathan is part human and part vampire and to be the Queen’s mate and her greatest Knight of Swords.Juliet can read minds,move things,and such,she realizes who she is and what she must do to protect her people.Someone,is killing the female hybrids for their healing powers.While Nathan realizes Juliet is his soul mate,he does not have time to mate with her,before she is taken by the evil Sebastian.It will take all is will power,his wits and his leadership to protect not only Juliet but the children who have been taken,to use as evil lurks.This is a fast paced,action packed story of Druids,vampires,humans,sacrifice,love,romance,soul mates,learning your heritage,and revealing secrets.It has treachery,deceit,good vs evil and despite it all a true love that will last forever if need be.For the beautiful Juliet will endure much,survive only to be tricked again.Nathan will do anything for his Queen and his soul mate.This is a fast paced story from the first page to the last.I would highly recommend this story to any and all paranormal,fantasy readers of vampires,demons,druids and other beings.For this is a great beginning to a new series.Can’t wait to see what happens next with Nathan,Juliet and all the other Knight of Swords characters.
Watch out for books two Ace Of Swords and three The Hanged Man.This is a must read.This book was received for the purpose of review from the author and details can be found at Hellfire Publishing.