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Today is our greatest pleasure and honor to welcome author Anna Campbell to My Book Addiction. Please set back and enjoy!

My Book Addiction and More blog 2/5/11

A Touch of the Cinderella by Anna Campbell

Hi Wendy! Thank you so much for having me as your guest today on My Book Addiction and More.

It’s interesting that you and I hooked up through an email discussion about classic romance (Jude Deveraux, anyone?) because my latest historical romance, MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION (Avon, 26th April), is the closest I’ve come to writing a classic Regency romance. You know the breed – the progeny of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer! MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION contains so many favorite elements – duels, elopements, balls, house parties, men in boots (LOL!), forbidden waltzes. I have always loved a classic Regency historical romance so this story was huge fun to write.

Among the elements of the classic Regency romance is a touch of the fairytale. Who can forget LORD OF SCOUNDRELS by Loretta Chase which is a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast? Or VENETIA by Georgette Heyer which is in many ways Rapunzel. Other fairytales that I’ve read recast as Regency love stories include the Ugly Duckling, the Little Mermaid, the Frog Prince and Sleeping Beauty.

But I think the most popular fairytale theme for a romance (although Beauty and the Beast would give it a run for its money) is that obscure little tale about the girl with no dress sense who takes housework to the heights!

Yup, I’m talking about Cinderella.

Strangely, this is the first time I’ve written a Cinderella story. All my other books are takes on Beauty and the Beast – and I think it shows how rich these fairytale themes are that each book is different and yet still deals with those core themes of redemption and transformation and the breaking of a curse that lie at the heart of BATB.

In MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION, my heroine Antonia Smith (yeah, you’re right, it’s an alias!) isn’t exactly dwelling among the cinders but she has been forced to hide her true identity and earn her living as a humble companion to her cousin Cassandra Demarest. Antonia dresses in frumpy gowns and hides her beauty behind a starchy manner, tinted spectacles and concealing caps.

Enter our prince who will fall in love with her and raise her to the life she deserves. Except Nicholas Challoner, Marquess of Ranelaw, isn’t exactly a prince when he first comes into the story. Instead, he’s a bad boy intent upon revenge and only Antonia stands in his way – this particular Cinderella is a little more feisty than the original! Of course, Ranelaw becomes a prince by the end – not just Cinderella is transformed in this story, but her prince as well.

Instead of the ugly stepsisters, there are a couple of dastardly suitors. Cassandra takes the role of the fairy godmother. And there is a ball. Actually there are a couple of balls and a musicale and a rather glamorous house party in Surrey. Our Cinderella gets to dance with the prince and shock society. Nobody loses any footwear, though! And as in all good Cinderella stories, there is a blissfully happy ending.

You can read an excerpt of MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION here: http://www.annacampbell.info/wildpassion.html

So are you  a fan of Cinderella romances? Do you have any favorites? I’ve got a signed copy of MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION to go  out to someone who comments today. Good luck!

Anna Campbell

About Anna

International Biography:
Always a voracious reader, ANNA CAMPBELL decided when she was a child that
she wanted to be a writer. Once she discovered the wonderful world of romance
novels, she knew exactly what she wanted to write. Anna has won numerous awards
for her Avon historical romances including Romantic Times Reviewers
Choice, the Booksellers Best, the Golden Quill, the Heart of Excellence, the
Aspen Gold and the Australian Romance Readers Association’s most popular
historical romance (twice). Her books have twice been nominated for Romance
Writers of America’s prestigious RITA Award and twice for Australia’s Romantic Book of the Year.
When she’s not writing passionate, intense stories featuring gorgeous
Regency heroes and the women who are their destiny, Anna loves to travel,
especially in the United Kingdom, and listen to all kinds of music. She lives
near the sea on the east coast of Australia, where she’s losing her battle with
an overgrown subtropical garden.
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