Marcia Clark is a former LA, California deputy district attorney, who was the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder case. She wrote a bestselling nonfiction book about the trial, Without a Doubt, and is a frequent media commentator and
columnist on legal issues. She lives in Los Angeles.


Peel (aka Diana Rigg) of “The
: Before it was cool to let women fight and carry guns, this
woman did it all, and in a black cat suit no less.

Detective Chief Inspector Jane Tennison in “Prime Supect”:
Jane is brilliant, tough, straight-talking; a woman who walked the walk without
ever resorting to the cartoonish extremes of either trying to be a man or the
outrageous coquette. And Helen
Mirren is literally the only person who could play her.

Rita Fiore: The hottest female lawyer on two spectacular
legs (thanks, Robert B. Parker!). She was Spencer’s
“go-to” gal for all kinds of help and information. Every bit as predatory, tough
and smart as any man, she and Spencer shared a perpetual, yet unrequited

Scully of the “X Files”: Cool as a cucumber, the rational,
scientifically-minded counter-part to Mulder. Scully was a woman who could run
without pin wheeling arms and wield a gun with believable authority. And, for a
change, a woman was the logical, more emotionally balanced end of the team.

Nancy Drew: one of the
earliest intrepid females and the heroine of my early childhood. In fact, she’s
one of the reasons I wanted to be a thriller writer. At eighty years old (yep,
eighty) she’s still out there crushing crime.


Guilt by Association

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Brilliant and
tenacious, DA Rachel Knight lives and breathes her work and disdains office
politics—a combustible combination that often gets her into trouble. She is a
stalwart member of the elite Special Trials Unit, a small group of handpicked
prosecutors that handles the toughest, most sensitive, and most celebrated cases
in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. At the end of a typical ten-hour
day, Rachel has her sights set on an ice-cold martini at the Biltmore Hotel,
where she lives. But on her way she’s sidetracked by the wail of sirens and the
commotion of a crime scene. Cops swarm around a seedy motel, where Rachel is
surprised to discover that Jake, a dear friend and fellow prosecutor, has been

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GUILT BY ASSOCIATION by Marcia Clark is a suspense fiction set in present Los Angeles,California.The plot is easy to follow,detailed,and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are engaging,easy to follow,will capture your heart. This is a fast paced,action packed story of murder,suspense, public prosecutors,and the legal system. It is written in the first person,from the view of the heroine,Rachel.Rachel,a tenacious,DA of the Special Trials Unit,a small group of a prosecutors who are handpicked to handle toughest,sensitive,and most celebrated cases in the LA District Attorney’s Office. When one of her fellow DA’s is murdered,questions begin to surface,he was found in a compromising way,leaving suspicion not only about his personal life but also about his legal life.Rachel,and his fellow prosecutors take on his politically charged cases.Rachel enlists one of her friends,Bailey,a tough LAPD detective who works covertly to undertake Jake’s murder investigation.They work together to clear Jake’s name,expose violence,power,reputations,find the truth,and  try not to get killed in the process. This  is a powerful story of murder,suspense,violence,and some funny areas.It is written with details of the legal system and the criminal mind.While this is this authors debut,this is an author to watch out for in the future.”Guilt by Association” is a must read,fast paced,action paced story full of action,that will keep you turning the pages.If you enjoy  suspense,action,murder,the LA under goings,you are going to love “Guilt by Association”.This book was received for the purpose of review from the publisher and details can be found at Mulholland Books,an imprint of Little Brown and Company,a division of Hachette Book Group.