Okay so I got an email sharing this book trailer with me and I had to share it. It’s great and so cute! So Enjoy!!!


Sarah MacLean

April 26, 2011

Avon, an imprint of Harper Collins

 ISBN 9780061852077, $7.99

Juliana Fiori is known in English society as a scandal waiting to happen. Ever since she appeared in London as the half-sister of the Marquess of Ralston, she’s been unable to escape the gossip surrounding her heritage. Growing up in Italy, the fiery beauty is not used to the rules, rigid expectations, and emphasis on reputation that is so pervasive among the ton—and especially the Duke of Leighton.

Simon Pearson, Duke of Leighton (known as “The Duke of Disdain”) is the perfect specimen of English propriety–not only does he look like an angel, he strives to act like one as well. On the brink of a huge scandal that threatens his name and family, proper behavior is everything to the devastatingly handsome Duke. He’s not about to let a reckless girl, no matter how alluring, upset his hard-won balance.

Juliana’s attraction to Simon is undeniable, but in her eyes, the Duke’s snobbish attitude far outweighs any of his tempting physical qualities. Juliana decides to prove to Simon once and for all that he is not immune to emotion. She knows he finds her irresistible, and she sets out to bring him to his knees in the name of passion.  Of course, the best-laid plans are easily foiled by matters of the heart…and revenge and reputation are no match for love.