March 1st-15th, 2011

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 The Betrayal by Sheila Hendrix

Two brothers hunt the supernatural so we don’t have to. Eighteen year old Zachariah McCannon was forced to grow up fast. His parents left him to raise is younger brother, Matthew. No easy task. Matt has powers and because of that Zack stays on his toes to keep him safe. When a demon ask Matt a question, “How far will you go to save your brother,” Zack replies, “As far as I have to.” Now evil is after them and if they’re not careful, neither will be able to escape!


Sheila_Hendrix.jpg  Sheila Hendrix – Author Bio.

Sheila Hendrix is a native of Alabama and resides there with her husband of sixteen years. She has no children except for her nine dogs. She is the author of the Young Adult series, The Dark Circle. She also does reviews for two magazines. Writing has always been a dream of hers. She is a nurse at a psychiatric hospital and a youth correctional facility. She is currently working on other books in the McCannon brothers series.





I’m here today with Zachariah McCannon, older brother to Matthew McCannon. Their parents left them when they were little and Zack took it upon himself to raise his brother. This was not an easy task. Not only did they have to stay on the run to keep social services at bay, but because of their past they became hunters of evil. Not only is Zack, Matt’s big brother, but he’s also his protector. Matt has powers and because of that, something evil is always after him. Zack does not take his job for granted.
 Zack is the brown headed guy and Matt is the blond.
MBA: Hi Zack. Nice of you to be here with us today.
Zack: Thanks.
MBA: How old are you and Matt?
Zack:  I’m eighteen and Matt is seventeen.
MBA: Hmm. So young to have so much on you.
Zack: Yeah I know, but I can handle it. Matt’s my brother. It’s my job. I’d do anything for him.
MBA: I know you love him very much. Do you ever feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?
Zack:  Sometimes but what can I do?
MBA: When did you and Matt first find out about his powers?
Zack: Matt was around 5 years old, I guess. He had this dream about a poltergiest that started messing around the house. I told him not to
         worry about it but it wasn’t a day later strange things started happening. After that, everytime he’d have a dream it would come true.
         then he started having visions when he was awake and they’d come true to.
MBA: What about the telekinesis? When did that happen?
Zack: In New Orleans, about a year ago. I had gone their to help a friend of mine but he turned out to be part of the problem. He was working for
         a Voodoo Priest and he took control of Matt’s mind. He wanted Matt to kill me but I got him back. When we thought it was over we had
         both been kidnapped. I was suppose to be killed at sunrise. Matt broke out of his cell using telekinesis and saved my life. That only
         happens when he’s angry or upset though.
MBA: You said something is always after him? Why?
Zack: They want to tap into Matt’s powers, control  them and kill him. I think we’ve made some enemies.
MBA: Who is Alanya?
Zack:  A demon that has tried to take Matt since he was a baby. He wants to control him and he’s mad at me because I always stopped him.
MBA: Yeah, I can imagine. How did it feel to have your brother turn against you?
Zack:  Matt didn’t turn against me. It wasn’t him. Alanya brainwashed him but I got him back. I always will.
MBA: It must have been scary though?
Zack:  It had its moments but Alanya didn’t win. Evil never will.
MBA: Where is Matt right now?
Zack:  He’s somewhere safe. I couldn’t let him come on here because of the situation but he’s safe and he’s good right now.
MBA:  That’s good. So what’s next for you two?
Zack: We’ll keep hunting. I’ll always protect him. We’re suppose to go to Virginia. There’s some people there that’s having trouble with a  
         poltegiest. We’re going to go see if we  can help.
MBA: Well thanks for being here Zack. I know you don’t like to leave Matt for very long so I’ll let you go. You take care of yourself and your
                 brother. You’ll be in my prayers.
Zack: Yeah, thanks.
If you have any questions for Zack or Matt just leave a comment and I’ll get the email to them. Now I have a couple of questions for you.
1: Have you ever encountered anything supernatural? Tell us about it.
2. What do you think is a demon’s ultimate job?
3. Is there anybody you love enough to die for? Who?


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The Betrayal by Sheila Hendrix

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