Today it is our great pleasure to welcome author Laurel McKee. So sit back and enjoy!

First off can you tell us who you are, ie name, historical author or paranormal or what,…..


Hi everyone!  I’m Laurel McKee, author of historical romance…

MBA: Why do you think readers will enjoy your writing?

LM: I hope they enjoy the passionate characters!  I loved spending time writing their stories, they really came alive for me, so I hope people enjoy reading about them too.  I also hope they love the colorful settings and sense of adventure…


MBA: How do you choose your characters names?

LM: I’m usually very lucky, as characters come to me complete with a name!  If it doesn’t “feel” right at first I might tinker with it a bit, but usually they end up with the same name they started.  For “Duchess of Sin” Anna had already appeared in the first book, “Countess of Scandal,” and thus was good to go.  Conlan was bit trickier–I wanted something Irish-sounding, masculine and strong.  A friend of mine named her son “Conlan” which she said meant “hero” in Gaelic–it sounded exactly right


MBA: Why did you decide to use the rebellion in Ireland for your story?

LM: My grandparents were Irish, and I grew up hearing wonderful stories of Irish mythology and life and hearing the music of the country whenever I visited their house.  Ireland is a gorgeous, dramatic country with a turbulent and romantic history.  I’ve wanted to set a book there for a long time, but it took a while for me to find just the right characters.


MBA:  In Duchess of Sin, why did you decide to let the mother have her first love?

LM: Just like characters come to me complete with names, sometimes they take off on their own paths as well, and I just have to run after them, typing as fast as I can! 🙂  I hadn’t meant for Katherine to have her own love story, but she seemed so sweet and sad.  She had never known real romance in her life, and I thought she deserved a chance at that!  It ended up one of my favorite aspects of this book.

MBA:  Will there be more stories related to DUCHESS OF SIN and if so will we see these characters again?

LM: The third Daughters of Erin book will be out in June 2011!  It’s Caroline’s story, “Lady of Seduction.”  We meet her future hero in “Duchess of Sin,” though he isn’t very heroic yet (I’ve always been a big fan of the villains into heroes books!).  And bookish Caroline gets a great adventure!

MBA:  One last question on DUCHESS OF SIN,would you recommend readers read COUNTESS OF SIN first, or would you say both can be read as standalone books?

LM: I was careful to write these three book so they can be read on their own!  If you’re an obsessive reader like I am (I have to read series in order!) you will see these characters again and be able to follow them a bit, but each book is its own tale.

MBA: Thank you for being our guest please feel free to tell us anything else you’d like us to know.


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