Those Pesky, Pesky Details

There was a show on tv a few years ago that I absolutely adored, about the behind the scenes of running a weekly live sketch comedy show in LA. It had great characters, fabulous dialogue and the best timeslot on Thursday nights. I never missed an episode.
Until one night…
First, a little background on yours truly. I’m a California native. I’ve never lived anywhere else, though I have moved up and down the southern part of the state and I have seen my fair share of earthquakes. When I was a little kid growing up in Fresno, the little ones were so common we didn’t much notice them anymore. And by “little ones”, I mean 3s and 4s. The bigger 4s were actually kinda fun.
So let’s get back to the show I used to love and the dreaded “final” episode. Final only because with one deftly used bit of research-fail, they gave me cause to never watch the show again. Here’s why.
In the episode, the producers wake up to be “rocked” by a shocking earthquake. <i>Rocked.</i> The city is in disarray, the 110 Freeway has actually collapsed in sections and the prop warehouse has been destroyed in the natural catastrophe, leaving them scrambling to get the show together. Oh the drama! The danger of aftershocks! How will they ever recover from the epic disaster of a 4.1 earthquake.
Four. Point. One.
Even if you’ve never been in an earthquake, you’ve probably felt something similar to a 4.1. It equates nicely to a big truck—like a trash truck—going full speed past you as you stand on the sidewalk.
I couldn’t believe it. They based a whole show on the misconception that a minor shimmy would destroy the entire city? Had no one been in a quake? Who fact checked that script?? Who knows, the show ended three or so episodes later. Maybe all of California stopped watching in protest. Hard to say, but I will say this. The true disaster of that epi is what it did to my believability factor. The whole show was totally ruined.
Ah well, at least it inspired me to do an earthquake story of my own, right? But instead of destroying the city—come on, we build for these things—it rebuilds two lives when they’re trapped together in an elevator because of one. You’ll have to read my upcoming novella, “Shaken” to find out exactly  how, but don’t worry, for one lucky commenter, you’ll have a chance to do exactly that before the book releases on the 19th of this month! 
Here’s how: In the comments, tell me this—Have you ever had a pesky detail drive you absolutely bonkers? Doesn’t matter where it came from, but I’d love to hear what the detail was and why it was made you see red. 🙂 (I collect details so as to reduce the number of people who’d like to kill me, lol)
Oh and a quick PS: For the record, the earthquake in “Shaken” is a 6.0 and while it’s terrible of me that I cheered when I heard about this, our last 6.0 this summer actually did trap a woman in an elevator for four hours! (I know, I’m awful, but what better confirmation?)
Can’t wait to hear from you!
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