Well for years now I’ve said “I’ll NEVER own a kindle!” I’ve said this in many places at many times. I still have STRONG issues with Amazon, which I know makes it hard to take. But I’ve been going through ereaders like crazy looking for one for my mom. My mom had a Sony Pocket I’d gotten her for Mother’s Day. She loved it. But it began to act up, and Sony’s customer service sucked in trying to help fix the issues. Plus she was running out of room. So I said “we’ll get you a different one”. So we tried the Amazon Kindle, the new one with Wi-fi. She loved it, almost. She hated the fact that when you hit “buy” it didn’t put the books in a cart but automatically bought the books. So if she made a mistake and didn’t want the book she felt she was stuck with it and she prefers to have a chance to change her mind or to move books to a wishlist prior to buying them. So I took the Kindle and decided to offer it to someone else. So we went after the NOOK. Which she liked. I hated the touch screen on the NOOK. My Sony PRS 600 Touch will let you use a stylus, a pencil, or whatever to “touch” the screen. The NOOK won’t. You MUST use your finger, so if you have large (see this as big) hands/fingers you may like me find the touch hard to deal with. My mom got the hang of it using her pinkie. But I hated it. She kept it for a week then we found that books sent to her for review from NetGalley never allowed her to open them on the NOOK. We called BN, they said we were doing it correctly to download(which took MANY steps over the Kindle and Sony), and for us to call the 800#. So we did. They said “you are doing it correctly you’ll need to call Adobe”. I have to say NOOK’s customer service was very helpful and they tried all the knew to fix the issue but it wasn’t on their end or the NOOK, at least not overly so. Meaning that if the NOOK changed a few things you wouldn’t need the Adobe Digital Editions. So we call ADE and they say “we don’t have phone service for ADE you have use the forum and chat with someone.” So I get online and do that. During this time a week passes and my mom has lost interest in learning the NOOK and I just know from her comments that she’d rather not have it, but hates for me to have to take it back and she felt she was being hard to get along with. So I did take the NOOK back and BN being the great place they are took it back without issue. Then we went to Staples who has a great price on the new Kindle, well okay it’s the same as everywhere else however if you have a rewards check from their rewards program you can use it towards the price of a KINDLE and knock that kindle price down!

So my mom is getting a new Kindle with 3G when she comes next week. Meanwhile during this time of playing with ereaders I thought, heck the Kindle is sitting here, why not just open it and see what it is. So I did and feel completely in LOVE with the games. I’ll admit to only reading one book, Dee Tenorio’s SHAKEN, but I LOVED the games. So I went to STAPLES (who BTW actually had it in stock which Target did NOT, at any store within 30miles of me!) and got me the Kindle with 3G. ROFL. And still I love the games best. And DH does as well. And he thinks he’ll enjoy the “text to speech” since he doesn’t do “reading” book as much as “listening” to them. But with that feature it’ll allow him to get free ebooks or “buy” ebooks  and still “listen” to them.

So I’m eating my words and now own a Kindle. But I still have my Sony Touch PRS 600 and will keep it. And I’m soo eager to see the New Sony.

So if you own an ereader which one and what about it do you love? I must admit one thing I do like about the Kindle is the ease of putting books on it and being able to get online with it. I can do the same with my phone but it is easier to type on it over my blackberry. So if you don’t own an ereader which one have you looked at? Why were you looking at it?

I can honestly say we tried 3, the Sony Pocket, the NOOK and the Amazon Kindle (wi-fi and 3G editions). And while the NOOK was fine for most, and enjoyable to use if you don’t mind the fact their touch will only allow you to use your finger and BTW that means you can’t use a fingernail either. It has to be the pad or side of your finger, drove me nuts. But downloading books from some sites was a pain and some never would open on the NOOK unless it was connected to the computer. The Pocket I still say is a good “entry” into ebook world ereader. However Sony’s customer service sucked. The KINDLE seems to be easy to use. My biggest issue is and has always been the fact that Amazon wants a monoply on ebooks and book buying in general and I don’t like the idea that they can come in and delete books from my device when/if they decide to. Once the book is mine, it should be mine period. But so far I’m enjoying mine and my mom did hers. I’m sure or maybe I can talk into it anyway, but I’ll try to get her to come in and talk about what she thought of the ereaders.

hugs to ya’ll,