My Book Addiction and More is honored to welcome author M. A. Ellis. So please sit back and enjoy our talk.

MBA: Who are you? Meaning are you married, do you work another job or is writing
your main job? 

M.A. Ellis: I’m an extremely blessed individual, that’s who I am!  I have the luxury of my craft being my full-time job thanks to very supportive adult children who tell me I can balance everything I need to and a former husband who continues to offer encouraging words on a weekly basis. They’re my biggest fans.
MBA: What type of books do you enjoy reading?

M.A. Ellis: I love mysteries and historical romances.
MBA: How did you get started reading/writing and who or what was your greatest

MAE:I grew up on a farm, so there wasn’t a lot of reading time in the evening. It was pretty much chores, homework and bed. But when I was around ten years old my sister bought me “The Complete Sherlock Holmes” for Christmas. That’s really when my love of literature started. I can’t tell you how many time I read those tales. So I guess my sister influenced my reading. As for the erotic romance genre, the credit goes to my creative writing teacher at Northern Kentucky University, P. Andrew Miller. He had us write something completely different than our usual poems and I wrote one with an erotic flair and the rest is history, as they say.
MBA: What kind of planning and research goes into your writing of a historical

MAE: I’ve only done one historical romance, ENLIGHTENING LUCINDA, which was featured in the Ellora’s Cave “Jewels of the Nile IV” and research for accuracy was tedious. Historical romance readers know their facts, so the last thing you want to do is err. I had a three-day conversation with a Regency writer and friend over what the proper color of my hero’s townhouse door should be. That made the conception of the story idea of a heroine who covertly paints erotic canvases seem like a walk in the park, believe me!
MBA:What are some of your upcoming projects? \

MAE: I have a sequel to my hot, southern romance, LOVE’S CHOICE, started and it’s turned into an older woman/younger man tale.  I’m also working on the remaining two Henderson brothers, of which there are six in the series. The first four have their stories told in HARD AS NAILS.  I’m also working on another story about two people who are members of a social activity group. It looks like there’s going to be a strong BDSM element to that one.
MBA:Do you feel a deep connection to your characters and why?

MAE: Oh my goodness, yes! I’m a panser, so I have my basic plot, but those characters get to take me where they want to go. It works for me, although sometimes it’s pretty shocking, as was the case with the club scene from my latest release, JUST PRESS PLAY. I wasn’t aware my heroine was quite that kinky. I just went on a group vacation with friends from the activity group I actually belong to and one of the men walked in on me talking to myself and answering. Of course, it was actually a character dialogue that I was inadvertently working out. Once I explained I wasn’t certifiably nutty, he found it quite amusing.
MBA: If you where President or someone powerful what would you wish most to
happen or change in the world?

MAE: I’m really not a fan of intolerance…in any form.
MBA: What is your favorite thing about Fall/Winter?

MAE: I love the crispness of a Pennsylvania morning, as long as it’s followed by a moderately warm day, lol.  I live in Florida now and while I don’t miss the foot-upon-foot of snow, I do miss the distinct smell and colors of the foliage. And I can say with great emphasis that I miss rolling down a hill and landing in those leaves. That actually happened on this recent vacation. Grown adults rolling down a steep hill on the sixth hole of a golf course. It’s been months since I felt that relaxed!