• Pub. Date: September 2010
  • Publisher: Harlequin
  • ISBN-13: 9780373774425
  • ISBN: 0373774427


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New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author BRENDA JOYCE returns with a sweeping new story of love and passion. 

After a record-breaking sail from China, Alexi de Warenne’s moment of triumph quickly vanishes. At his welcoming party, his bewitching childhood friend Elysse O’Neill begins flirting with a shipmate, clearly punishing Alexi for his time at sea. But when Alexi finds Elysse desperately struggling in the man’s arms, tragedy ensues. Within days, Alexi weds her to save her honor—and leaves her to forge a new life. 

and Pretense
Elysse de Warenne rules the ton with her wit and grace, but the whispers of “abandoned bride” follow her ruthlessly. Elysse will never reveal the truth: that she hasn’t seen her husband in six years—and that they didn’t even consummate their marriage! When Alexi unexpectedly returns to England, Elysse will do whatever it takes to win his heart and claim her place at his side…. 

“Joyce’s tight plot and vivid cast combine for a romance that’s just about perfect.”
—Publishers Weekly, starred review, on The Perfect Bride 




THE PROMISE by Brenda Joyce is a wonderful historical romance set in 1824-1833 Adare, Ireland and Askeaton, Ireland. The de Warenne Dynasty. It is well written with details,depth, twists and turns. It has sweet sensuality, mistrust, romance, pride, guilt, adventure, tragedy, a long standing love affair, wit, grace, pretense and realizing the truth and finally acting on their feelings for each other. The hero, Alexi, is handsome, smart, determined, a protector of Elysse, adventurer, a sea captain who makes record breaking sails from China to England with his cargo of tea and has been in love with Elysse since their childhood. The heroine, Elysse, is witty, smart, beautiful, a flirt, has great pride, wants to make Alexi jealousy with her flirting and causes a tragedy. When Alexi comes upon Elysse and his shipmate/friend together, his shipmate is trying to accost Elysse, Alexi enraged,is Elysse’s protector, a fight occurs and tragedy strikes.In order to save Elysse’s reputation, Alexi marries her but abandons her on their wedding night. Their marriage is never consummated, he is gone six long years. In the meantime Elysse, pretends everything is wonderful with her marriage. She hears the gossip, about her affairs and such. When Alexi returns he has also heard the rumors and believes them. He is not aware that Elysse is still a virgin. She has never betrayed him. She is sought after by men who want her for their lover and his kidnapped along with her maid. Elysse, is following Alexi to China, she wants her marriage to work. Alexi is on his way to China, he realizes he loves Elysse and wants their marriage to work also. Upon his return he learns Elysse and her maid are headed to China, he tries to intercept them and soon learns they has been kidnapped by evil men. This is an amazing story of love, tragedy, triumph and putting the past away to have happiness and a new beginning. I would recommend this book especially if you enjoy adventure, romance, and new beginnings. This book was received for review from Net Galley and details can be found at HQN.