Today it is my great pleasure to welcome Amy Knupp as a guest of My Book Addiction and More. So sit back and enjoy.

My Book Addiction: What kind of planning and research goes into your writing of a novel?

Amy Knupp:  For my Texas Firefighters series I’ve had to do a lot of research and I’ve been really lucky to have a super patient resource to answer my bajillion questions on firefighting.  I’ve also read several non-fiction books by and about firefighters and their jobs.  I’m fascinated by the subject so it hasn’t been a hardship. 🙂  My previous, non-firefighter books always require some research on little bits here and there but nothing like firefighting so far. 

MBA: What are some of your upcoming projects?

Amy : After the first three Texas Firefighters (book 3 will be out September 14) I have another firefighter book out next year (April 2011).  Tentatively called Burning Ambition, it’s about Faith Peligni, who is the fire chief’s daughter and a new hire in the San Amaro Island Fire Department.  Joe Mendoza is a captain in the department.  The chief is Joe’s mentor as well as influential in hiring for the promotion Joe wants.  So falling for the chief’s daughter would be a very bad idea…

MBA: Do you feel a deep connection to your characters and why?

Amy: Yes, absolutely, because they are REAL!  Okay, only in my head, *g* but I have to feel like these are real people in order to really get into their heads and know what they would do in any given situation. Even with secondary characters, I need to feel that connection, otherwise I’m afraid they would come out cliche and two-dimensional.  

 MBA: How do you handle the negative reviews if you receive any?

AmyK: I haven’t gotten a lot (and no, that’s not a call for more, please!) but the ones I’ve gotten…yes, they are painful but as long as they don’t attack me and just present their objections in a rational manner, I can take it.  There is always the urge to defend yourself but of course that would get you nowhere…so I just let myself be upset for 15 minutes, then I move on.  It sounds oversimple but it’s true.  I don’t have the energy to let negativity of others stress me out.  I can stress out on my own, thank you. 🙂 

 MBA: What authors do you like to read?

AmyK : Ally Carter, Alyson Noel, PC Cast and Kristin Cast, Susan Wiggs, Larissa Ione, Patricia Briggs, Karen Marie Moning…and TONS of others…there’s no way I can list them all off the top of my head!  *G* 

 MBA: Will your next project be about firefighters or a different type of book?

AmyK: There are 4 firefighter books so far and I’d love to sell at least one more.  I also have an idea for another non-firefighter series.  Just need to write those proposals and pray they get picked up!

MBA: What type of books do you enjoy reading?

AmyK: I love a variety…my favorite is YA, and of course romance.  I read a little bit of paranormal, lots of contemporary, and some suspense.  Love urban fantasy too.  I also love to read non-fiction military and firefighter books.  

MBA:  What is the most dreaded thing you procrastinate doing and why?

AmyK: Writing proposals (long synopsis plus first 3 chapters).  They are the worst part of this job for me.  Characters come easily, storylines not so much.  Unfortunately, I want my proposals to be perfect, even though I KNOW that the story always changes from when I write a synopsis to when I write the book, so I tend to be too hard on myself.  I’m working on changing that. 🙂 

 MBA: What would you change about yourself, if you could change anything?

AmyK: I would be easier on myself.  My new motto is “there is no perfect decision.”  🙂 

MBA:  When was your first novel or published works published and by who?

AmyK: My first book was Unexpected Complication, published by Harlequin Superromance in April 2006.

Thank you Amy for being my guest today! And remember there’s still the giveaway for the 3 books, PLAYING WITH FIRE, A LITTLE CONSEQUENCE, and FULLY INVOLVED. In order to be entered in that giveaway you MUST comment on all 3 of Amy’s posts. She’ll be back soon so keep a look out for her next post! And for today one lucky commenter will win a copy of A LITTLE CONSEQUENCE. So be sure and post away, ask Amy any question you are dying to have answered. And just so you know Amy’s first book is awesome! As is all of her writing. If you haven’t read Amy before I’d suggest you out to and buy every book she’s got there!