Today my guest is author Sandra Worth, I hope you’ll join me in welcoming her to My Book Addiction.


Lady Catherine Gordon

 A Scottish Beauty and a Highland Love Story


One of the most entrancing, tragic, and triumphant Highland love stories may be that of Lady Catherine Gordon and her prince, Richard of England, the younger of the two princes in the Tower. When the news of the survival of the younger prince blazed and thundered across Europe, his claim as the rightful heir to England’s throne was recognized by all the crowned heads of Europe except England. But none embraced him more warmly than James IV. A heroic king of Scotland, and a romantic himself, he not only supported Prince Richard in his bid to gain back his rightful throne that had been lost to the Tudor upstart, Henry VII, but gave him the hand in marriage of his dazzlingly beautiful cousin, the spirited princess Catherine Gordon, daughter of the Earl of Huntly.

The story of Catherine and Richard had a fairy-tale beginning. Here were two young royals, stunning to gaze at, and with everything to live for. They fell in love and were married almost as soon as Prince Richard arrived in Scotland. No doubt Catherine was already enamored with the handsome prince before he ever arrived at the faery castle of Stirling. The stories of his life resembled an Arthurian legend and must have touched her heart—so filled were they with romance, danger and melancholy. Taken from England as a child and hidden among strangers, the lost little prince had wandered from one land to the next as he grew into manhood. At the age of eighteen his aunt, Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy, had acknowledged him to all the world as her nephew, the younger of the two princes in the Tower, and hailed him as King Richard IV of England

Catherine loved her prince so deeply, and was so confident of victory, that she wouldn’t let him leave for England without her. After all, had a prophecy not foretold that she would be a queen? By the time they boarded ship, they had a beautiful baby son, and Catherine was expecting another child. But their adventure would be fraught with peril, and nothing would go as they expected. Rather than assuming the throne she believed was their destiny, Catherine would soon be prisoner of King Henry VII, and her beloved husband would, unimaginably, be stamped as an imposter. Survival would require all her courage, and all her tenacity.

Yet Catherine not only survived, but triumphed. Henry VII fell in love with the twenty year old beauty the moment he laid eyes on her, and remained besotted with her to the end of his days. Catherine never succumbed to the lure of riches and royal power. Impoverished and a captive in the dangerous Tudor court, she stood by her husband so loyally, with such grace, dignity, and loving devotion, that she won the admiration of a nation. For the English people, the Scottish beauty became their Pale Rose of England.

Did she ever find happiness?

For that you will have to read Pale Rose of England.   


 Sandra Worth is the acclaimed author of five books set during England’s Wars of the Roses. For her impeccable research and story-telling talent, she has won fifteen awards and prizes. These include the 2008 Best Historical Biography Reviewers Choice Award from Romantic Times