This is a brief Q&A I had with Kira Morgan via Anna from Hachette. I hope you’ll enjoy it and please post any question you’d like to ask Kira yourself.

My Book Addiction: Why do you write?

Kira Morgan: It’s a very enjoyable process for me to set down in words the story and vision I create in my head and give life to the characters with whom I’ve fallen in love.  If I can recreate my own passion and delight, take others along on my journey, move them to laughter and tears, and share something very personal with the world, that brings me immeasurable satisfaction.

MBA:What are your thoughts on the situation with ebooks?

KM: Though there’s something to be said for the old-school feel of a traditional book, I think ebooks are wonderful!  My only complaint is the opportunity for piracy.  I think book downloads should be monitored the same way music play is monitored by ASCAP and BMI, providing fair revenue for authors without punishing readers.

MBA: Do authors really make millions and live the life of the wealthy?

KM: Buy my book, and I’ll let you know!

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