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Dee Davis

August 02, 2010

  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • ISBN-13: 9780446542029
  • ISBN: 0446542024
  • Source: Recieved from the Publisher for the purpose of a review
  • From the Publisher

    A-Tac is an elite CIA unit masquerading as faculty at an Ivy League college. Brilliant, badass, and seemingly bulletproof, the members of A-Tac are assigned to the riskiest missions and the most elusive targets.

    When a professional group of thieves steal a shipment of thermonuclear detonators, Commander Solomon has reason to suspect that information from inside A-Tac facilitated the heist. He instructs his team to set up a sting to recover the detonators and to trap the traitor.

    Trusted A-Tac member Tyler Hanson is skeptical of most everything – including pompous intellectuals who live life inside an ivory tower. So when Solomon brings in renowned physicist and Nobel Prize winner Owen Wakefield to head the team, she has her doubts.

    Wakefield, for his part, has no idea what to make of the hard-as-brass woman assigned to provide him with logistical support. Nitro to her glycerin, their sparks threaten the entire operation, until the traitor in their midst tightens the noose. Now they have no choice but to join forces to find the detonators and stop the man who has betrayed them all.


    DESPERATE DEEDS by Dee Davis is a Romantic suspense set in modern day USA. It is well written with depth and detail. It is the third book in the A-TAC series. It is action packed with sensuality, suspense, action, romance, betrayal, NSA, CIA, special ops, with deaths rapidly increasing, and time running out. The characters are strong, sexy, determined to find a traitor and stop the maddnes. They have trust issues but romance is in the air. This is a action packed, page turning story. Once you start reading you will want to read it to the end. I would highly recommend this book and also would recommen if you having read the other two in this series to pick them up (#1 Dark Deceptions, #2 Dangerous Desires) you will not reqret it. This book was received for review. Details can be found at Hackette Books and My Book Addiction and More. 5