Hey all

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I’ve had issues. First DH’s computer, then a new computer(YES a brand new computer that had to be opened and the memory cards reinstalled), then my phone(got a replacement coming) and my computer is having issues now too. I think I’ve got most of the issues resolved but still plan to doublecheck everything.

So to make a long story shorter I hope, I’m late in getting winners names picked and posted and I’m considered some winners who have not recieved  prizes may be my fault. So for that purpose I need anyone who has NOT recieved their prize to email me with what you won, win, and your address information.  I will look into all prizes and email you back as soon as I know something.

Any typos are due to my cat who is being clingy since we went to PA yesterday(a 22hr drive in one day there and straight back) and she’s not letting me out of her sight or leaving me alone.

So anyway I will get the new winners posted tomorrow and hopefully things are back to normal for me. Now get my mom’s gremlins to go away. Anyone else having issues with the Sony Pocket? My mom has the Sony Pocket ereader, I have the touch, and I’m not having issues. She is. Her ereader isn’t updating the books like it used to, and if it does add a book it may add it 16 times or may add it today and tomorrow it’ll be gone. Or it will only add 1 page saying she can’t read it on that device ……………anybody have any advice? Hints?Tips?

Hope you all are doing well,