• Pub. Date: August 2010
  • Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Incorporated
  • Series: Surrender to Destiny
  • ISBN-13: 9781602601659
  • ISBN: 1602601658

From the Publisher

A young mistrustful lady desperate to save her family. . .

A guilt driven man desperate to please his. . .

Both caught in the brink of a war that could change the course of history forever.

On the brink of the War of 1812, Marianne Denton must marry to unlock her inheritance. Without the money, her mother can’t receive medical care and her sister will be destitute. But Noah Brenin needs to sail his cargo to England before the war commences in order to prove his worth to his father and make enough money so he won’t have to marry at all.

When Noah walks out on their engagement party, Marianne chases him down and ends up on his merchantman out at sea. The situation worsens when Noah’s ship encounters a British man-of-war and the couple is impressed into the British navy.

 While a young lad’s prophecy of destiny looms over them both, Marianne and Noah are forced to face their darkest fears as they desperately try to find a way to escape and fulfill their destinies—destinies that could change the course of the war and history forever. 



SURRENDER THE HEART by MaryLu Tyndall is a Inspirational Historical Romance set in 1812 Baltimore and  off the English coast. It is well written with depth and details. This is the first in Surrender to Destiny series.  It has mistrust, guilt, faith, romance, trust, suspense, adventure, merchantmen, naval history, sea battle, fulfilling your destiny and cruelty. Our heroine, Marianne, is a plain, ordinary, snobbish, and plumb women or so people think at first glance.They soon realize she is so much more than her outward appearance shows. She is honest, daring, brave,caring, enduring, although her faith has diminished due to her circumstances. Her father dies, leaving her family in dare straits, her mother is sick and in need of expensive medicines to survive, their only recourse is her inheritance for such she has to marry to secure. Her father has dwindled the family fortune on gambling and drink, so all they have left is her small dowry. Our hero, Noel, is handsome, brave, full of guilt over the death of his twin brother, is trying to make it up to his father. His mother is a drunk, his is father overbearing with little good to say to him. Noel and Marianne grew up together where Noel tormented her as a child, but Noel needs her dowry to succeed with his family’s merchant ships. Their families agreed to their engagement, for which either Marianne or Noel is so eager to do, but their family loyalty forces them to agree. Then the adventure begins for at their engagement party, Noel leaves Marianne to take to the sea to sale his merchandise. Marianne follows for an explanation, and soon finds herself sailing off to sea. They encounter a British Naval ship for which Marianne, Noel and two of Noel’s shipmates are impressed into the British Navy. Where they are caught in the middle of an impending war between Britain and America,they are treated harshly, and must struggle to survive. Noel, his two shipmates, a father and son escape. Marianne is to scare to jump into the water, but Noel promises to return for her. There is a sea battle, they help save an American Naval ship,and help impede the war. Noel does keep his promise to Marianne, although they both nearly drown, they find their destiny. They find love together and learn God can do anything if you only trust him. This is a fast paced, page turner that will stay with you long after the story ends. I would highly recommend this story. If you enjoy seafaring, romance, suspense, adventure, faith and a wonderful cast of characters this is a story for you. This book was received for review from Net Galley and details can be found at Barbour Publishing.