COLBY CONTROL is out now!  This is the Colby Agency’s tenth anniversary so please go out and pick up my newest title from Harlequin Intrigue, COLBY CONTROL! As a special gift for all the Colby Agency fans I have had fan club tee-shirts printed!  To receive your very special tee-shirt (with the gorgeous Colby logo on front and ALL the titles on the back) , please purchase two copies of Colby Control between tomorrow, July 11th and Sunday, July 18th, and send me the receipts for both and I will mail you an official Colby Agency tee-shirt!!!!  That’s all you have to do!  You can email me for mailing details!
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So go forth and buy this book! Okay I’m going to include some info on the book and if you click the image of the book you should be sent to the Harlequin site so you can buy from them directly. And I asked ebooks count as well.
Jul 2010
9780373694839  (#1216)
When the Colby Agency and the Equalizers merged, their agents were expected to work together. But the moment Ted Tallant met hotshot investigator Nora Friedman, there were sparks—and not the good kind. Nora was a risk taker, while Ted was a by-the-book kind of guy.

When they were sent to Vegas on a case, those sparks turned into something hotter. They were good together—really good. But when an enemy from Nora’s past twisted their assignment into something deadly, all hell broke loose. And suddenly skill and attraction weren’t enough. They would have to trust each other…or everyone would die.

* So with that in mind, I am buying 2 copies myself. One for me and one for someone here. If you’d like to be the winner of that copy please post here and tell me if you’ve read this series before or not. Winner will be chosen tomorrow so I can know if you want a print copy or ebook version. Good luck to all!*