Loucinda McGary

July 2010

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Incorporated

ISBN-13: 9781402226717

ISBN: 1402226713

Source: This book was recieved for the purpose of a review.

From the Publisher

Parker O’Neill, using a summer hiatus to explore his familial roots in Ireland, inadvertently witnesses a murder and finds himself fighting for his life on the rugged coast of Donegal. Summoning his twin sister through the telepathic ability they share, she rushes to his rescue.But to find him, she must enlist the aid of recovering alcoholic and former police inspector Kevin Hennessey, who wants nothing to do with the beautiful America telling him a wild story about murder and danger—all of which she has only seen in her mind.Each reeling from a painful divorce, they try to keep their relationship on a strictly platonic footing; but the wildness of the sea, the magical legend of a lost selkie prince, and their own desperate efforts to find and save her missing brother before it’s too late bring them together on levels neither one could ever have imagined…

My Thoughts

I have to say first that I wasn’t sure I’d truly enjoy this story. That was until I began reading. Then I hated to stop for any reason. The story completely pulls you in. It’s a contemporary set in Ireland with paranormal elements, suspense, romance, and this sense of “knowing” the characters that keeps you engaged in the story. Even when I did HAVE to put the book down, I was thinking about the story, the characters, wondering what was going to happen. This is my story from Ms. McGary but I can say honestly it won’t be my last. I’m so eager to read more! You will be too. The story is deeply moving, enchanting and so wonderfully written you’ll honestly hate to turn that last page. I highly recommend THE WILD IRISH SEA to all readers. Honestly lovers of history, paranormal, contemporary, suspense, romance, and tales of twins will LOVE this story. It’s sure to appeal to all. So go ahead stop reading  this and go buy this great book, you’ll be glad you did!

Reviewed by Wendy Keel

Rating: 4.5

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