What does the future look like for you?

As some of you may already know, we’ve just moved apartments.  In New York City this is almost considered a blood sport.  Nailing the right apartment for the right price before the people who are seeing it just after you is a full time job for a lot of folks living in Manhattan.   And, I’m afraid to say, we’ve not been an exception.  Although to be honest, it hasn’t really been our fault.  The first time we moved it was because we were living in Austin, and my husband’s job was in Manhattan (kind of a long commute).  The second time, it was because the man that owned our condominium was selling it and we weren’t part of the deal.  And the third, this time, it was because the entire building was sold.  Apparently we inspire owners to vacate.  Anyway, once again I had to search for a tiny box in the sky that was big enough to hold my Texas sized household.  That means two bedrooms, a living room with dining area, two bathrooms and a kitchen that I can at least turn around in, preferably with working appliances (and believe me in Manhattan that’s totally optional.)

So here I sit, in my third (and potentially my favorite) Manhattan apartment, thinking of the past and of the future.   I’ve moved a lot in my life.  And because of that I tend to think of it in chapters.  Kind of like a book.  And once a chapter is closed, I seldom look back except in moments of nostalgia.  I guess I prefer looking forward.  It’s not so much where you’ve been as where you’re going, right?

Anyway, this year also marks the tenth year I’ve been a published author.  And I don’t think even my forward looking self could have imagined being here with my seventeenth book, Dangerous Desires, on bookshelves this month.  It’s been an amazing journey, and I’m looking forward to where the road will take me next.   Right now I’m concentrating on the next installments in the A-Tac series.  Tyler’s book is up next in August’s Desperate Deeds.  But there’s even more to come.  It seems everyone on the team is demanding their own book.  So I’m cooking up plots and twists and hot, steamy relationships for three more A-Tac books coming in 2011 and 2012.  

And in the meantime, I’ll keep unpacking boxes and maybe, as soon as I’ve cleared a pathway to the door, I’ll sip a glass of wine on my brand new terrace and think about what adventure might be next—both on the page and in real life.

So what about you?   Do you live in the moment?  Are you a child of the future?  Or do you spend your days thinking about everything that was?

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