Today I hope you’ll join me in welcoming guest blogger, Carolyn Brown, she is the author of I LOVE THIS BAR, look here to read a review, but for now enjoy our visit with Carolyn!

Carolyn Brown Guest Blog, author of I Love This Bar

My Book Addiction and More; June 21, 2010

Hi y’all! Thank you for the invitation to stop here on my blog tour to promote I Love This Bar, the first book in the Honky Tonk series. There are four books in the series. If you had a yearning to rush out and buy a pair of cowboy boots after you read I Love This Bar don’t be thinking it was an impulse buy and you’ll never wear them again. There’s three more in the series that you can two-step through with those boots so keep them on, grab a beer and get ready for Hell, Yeah (August); My Give A Damn’s Busted (October); and Honky Tonk Christmas (November).

Are any of you passionate readers? Know the difference in a reader and a passionate reader? A reader can put the book down, walk away from it and even mop the floors or iron the pillow cases. A passionate reader unplugs the phone, the iron and plugs in the coffee pot close enough to the recliner that she/he can reach it without putting the book down. They have a drawer in the end table beside their recliner where they keep chocolate candy bars, peanuts and potato chips because they are aware that anything you eat while reading a good thick romance book has no calories or fat grams.

I am a passionate writer. When I start a chapter or a scene the answering machine takes care of the phone, Husband eats fast food and whispers when he pokes his head into my office, dust bunnies grow to elephant sized critters and you can write whole chapters in the dust on my furniture.

You asked me what my passion is other than writing. I thought about that a few days and had to throw out a few things after I looked up the official definition for the word passionate. It means fanatical or fervent.

Well, there are several things I’m not passionate about! Bungee jumping. My body goes into that flight mode we’ve heard about that says run, Carolyn, run as fast as you can. Those funny cords will break and that oversized rubber band will sling you somewhere out in the middle of a desert.

Which brings me to another idea. Sweat! Oh, my! My little fat cells are whining just thinking about being set down in a desert. I can hear them getting louder and louder.

And that clinches my stomach up in knots for fear there wouldn’t be a concession stand out there in the desert where I could buy a candy bar or a hamburger or even get a good cold glass of sweet tea.

So I put those ideas in the trash can and washed my face with cold water for just thinking about such ugly things. And went on to figure out what my true passion is outside of writing.

What would I be passionate enough to load my .38 Saturday Night Special to protect?

What would I put on my boots and stomp on my soap box to tell the world about?

Well, now that simplifies and makes it easy to answer.

My family!

Husband and I have three kids. A son and two daughters and enough grandkids to keep us young right up to the day we step off into eternity. We still have family dinners when they all come home. Kids run in and out of the back door, chase lightning bugs, play tag in the back yard and chase the cats. I cook for days (which is a semi-passion … I love to cook) and they all eat until they are miserable and then load up enough to take home for supper.

Yep, that’s my number one passion in my life!

Members of my family are also my biggest fans. The one who reads my latest book first is the queen until the next book comes out. Aunt Mil read I Love This Bar first and is the brand new queen until August when Hell, Yeah hits the stands. She’d better hold onto her crown really tight because I’ve got a feeling that Cousin Jude might have her sights set on it. My daughter Amy kept it so long she thought it belonged to her permanently but then her younger sister, Ginny, snatched it away. Son, Lemar, even got to wear it once or twice and Husband held on to it for a few weeks a couple of years ago. It won’t be long until they’ll let the dust bunnies grow under the beds while they all read Hell, Yeah!

So what’s your biggest passionate outside of reading? Are any of you going to snatch that crown away from one of my family members when Hell, Yeah hits the stand?


She doesn’t need anything but her bar…

Daisy O’Dell has her hands full with hotheads and thirsty ranchers until the day one damn fine cowboy walks in and throws her whole life into turmoil…

He’s looking for a cold drink and a moment’s peace…

Instead, Jarod McElroy, finds one red hot woman. She’s just what he needs, if only he can convince her to come out from behind that bar, and come home with him…

About the Author

Carolyn Brown is an award-winning author who has published 36 historical and western romance novels for the library market, many of them bestsellers in that market. Born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma, Carolyn and her husband now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. For more information, please visit

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