Today my guest is Robyn DeHart so join me in welcoming her to my blog,

For this guest blog, I was asked the following question: What do you think of the situation with e-books?” First and foremost, thanks for having me today, it’s great to be here. Secondly, what an interesting question.

I think electronic books are a great option, just as large-print, foreign translations and audio books are. The more venues available to my readers, the better. And judging by my royalty statements, I think my readers are enjoying the fact that all of my books are available electronically.

Personally, I would never choose an electronic format over an actual book, because I just love books and I love bookstores. I love to sit in front of my bookshelf and see all my books, those I’ve read and kept and those waiting for that first read. That being said, I have the Kindle app on my iPOD touch and I have read books on it. It’s especially nice if I’m awake and can’t sleep, I can read on my iPOD without turning the light on to wake up my husband. And I admit it can be addictive how quickly you can purchase a book through Amazon, talk about instant gratification. I think it’s probably best that I don’t have an actual Kindle, else I’d spend even more money on books. In fact I think the desire to have books in both formats would be quiet tempting, I can see it now, I’m reading a paperback and forget to bring it with me on an errand and I’m stuck waiting and boy wouldn’t it be nice if I had it on my iPOD too so I could pick up where I left off…. That could be dangerous!

I know there has been some discourse about the quality of e-books over print books and I can’t really get into that discussion. There are many publishing opportunities for us writers and we have to know what our personal goals are, we’re all different. I think it’s a viable publishing venue, but I still want my books available as paper copies, I love getting that first hot-off-the-press copy of my book.

For all the readers out there, DESIRE ME is available in both print format and electronic. Thanks again for having me today.

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