Hello Wendy and readers,

Thank you so much for having me here today.

Since the title of your blog is My Book Addiction and More, lol, I thought I’d write about my book addiction.

When I walk into a bookstore, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I want to purchase one of everything. I admire the covers, read the tempting blurbs on the back, and feel I must take it home. Bad, bad, bad me. My charge card would hit my limit—and more.

I remember watching an old TV program once where I saw a woman who won a free shopping spree in a grocery store. I believe she was allowed a half-hour to collect as many staples as she could to fill grocery carts. Wow, did that lady run, like a human version of Speedy Gonzales.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to win a free spree in a bookstore? Ha, give me a half-hour and I’d have a cart filled. I could even do some real damage in twenty minutes.

Let’s pretend.

What? The bookstore is only giving me ten minutes of a free spree. Okay, by golly, I’m going to make the most of those ten minutes.

Before the start bell rings, I put on my running shoes, and then I do some knee flexes to loosen  my joints and leg muscles. Shaking my wrists and fingers will help give me quick grabbing reflexes. On your mark, ready, set, DING! 

I grab the cart. Oh, what section first? Ha! I’m no dummy. Any section will do since I like most genres. I start in the aisle nearest to me. Aha! Thrillers. Ooooh. Paranormal, medical and adventure.

 I round the bend almost tripping over my own feet. Sci-fi plops into my cart, romance is coming up fast on my left and horror on my right. I guide the cart with my waist and do a both-sides, two-handed grab—I’m ambidextrous, you know.

Into the cart I plunk the historical, mainstream and all the genres of romance while my right hand is lifting horror and the “who done it’s.”

I make a mad dash for the classics. Into my cart tumbles Atlas Shrugged, Dune, Lord of the Rings and a few more.

Oops. I bounce off the counter and jerk back quickly. I remember the new releases are at the other end of the store. It figures.

I half ride the cart down the wide aisle. Time is running out. I can feel it.

 Hurry, hurry, hurry.  

Puffing like a manic, mad woman, I reach for Nora Robert’s new release.


Oh crap! 

Catching my breath, I manage a grin. I look into the cart. It’s heaped with novels to be added to my already over-stacked TBR books in my spare room.

What spare room? The one at the back of my house that is already overflowing with all the novels I want to read? Hmm. I wonder if my hubby would consider adding another room or buying me an E-reader.

Talk about a book addiction, well, I can dream, can’t I?


Here is one your readers may like to add to their collection.

“Gypsy Crystal,” a paranormal/thriller/romance.

Instead of a blurb, let me tell you what you will find interesting in the novella.

Rita Muldova, my homicide detective has pure Roma blood. She wears a mystical crystal amulet that gives her the power to see in a dead victim’s eyes the last image he/she saw. What a career boost. Now, with the task force, she is hunting for the “Ripper,” a serial killer loose in her town that is targeting prostitutes. But, oh, oh, for this murderer, the crystal has stopped working.

A yummy FBI agent, Matt Boulet, has been on the Ripper’s tail since the killings started in New Orleans. He has a yen for Rita and they have a weird connection. Plus, Rita would like to jump his bones.

Rita’s mother, Anna, is a great seer whom Rita turns to in time of troubles, but Anna can’t offer Rita an explanation of why the crystal has stopped working. Anna does tell Rita the lore of their clan. Rita is both shocked and horrified of the tale.

Filled with gypsy customs and lore, the novella takes you on a wild ride into the mystical world of the paranormal with plenty of thrills and chills.


Chief Lipinski rose to his feet. “Back off, people! I have my orders, too. We follow Boulet’s plan. Hank, you and Sully hand out these sketches to as many girls you see walking the streets before Della and Rita start their rounds.”

Della nudged Rita. “Guess we get our ‘Sluts R Us’ duds out of mothballs.”           

Rita nodded. She would follow orders, but too many unanswered questions floated in her mind. She raised her voice. “Since he’s such a big, strong, badass, who lived to provide the sketch?”


 The way Boulet uttered that one word made her teeth click together. 

 Boulet tugged down the ribbed collar of his sweater. A red scar marred the cords in his thick neck. “My partner and I were doubling him. We were too late to save the woman. He nicked me first. While I was trying to stop bleeding, he took out my partner.” He studied the floor, then his eyes hardened as he made eye contact with everyone in the room. “But now I know this bastard, and I’ll be ready for him.”

“Sounds more like a personal vendetta,” Rita said.

“Yeah, that too.” His lips pulled back with an ironic chuckle. “More than you can imagine.”

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Gypsy Crystal is available in print and e-book formats at Amazon.