Howdy, book fans! Joyce Lamb here. My book True Vision, the first in a
new trilogy, hits bookstores today. It’s a paranormal romantic
suspense in which the life of Charlie Trudeau, a small-town
journalist, is turned upside down when she inherits an intense psychic
power she has no clue how to handle. To add to her woes (or not),
Chicago police detective Noah Lassiter arrives on her doorstep to
investigate the murder of his friend, a murder that Charlie witnessed.
Charlie’s not happy about Noah nosing around, but he is pretty dang
hot–and persistent, because he needs her help to unravel the mystery
of his friend’s death. The electricity between them complicates–and
heats up–things in a major way. The more Noah and Charlie uncover,
the more they realize they’re looking for a desperate killer–and the
more danger they’re in. And if Charlie can’t gain control over her
psychic powers, they may not survive long enough to explore the full
sizzling potential of their desire.

In honor of True Vision’s arrival, I sat down with its heroine,
Charlie Trudeau, for a brief interview. Charlie only recently became
“super empathic.” That means that when she makes skin-on-skin contact
with another person, she relives the most recent traumatic thing that
happened to that person. For instance, if you stubbed your toe, and
then Charlie shook your hand, she would experience your stubbed toe as
if it happened to her. Much swearing might commence. On the upside,
Charlie’s psychic ability leads to some fun with hero Noah in the
bedroom. I won’t be specific there, but it’s kinda hot. Anyway, on
with the interview:

Joyce: Thanks for talking with me, Charlie. Especially considering how
often you tried to avoid me when I was writing your story. If you
weren’t a journalist, what would you be?
Charlie: I’d probably try to join the Peace Corps. One of my
most-prized roles as a journalist is that, hopefully, my stories help
people because they keep them informed.

Joyce: What’s your favorite memory from your childhood?
Charlie: Dad used to take my sisters and me to work with him. We’d
hang out in the newsroom with the reporters and editors, and they’d
basically baby sit us. I hope we weren’t too annoying! At first I just
looked forward to all the attention we got. But when I became a
teenager, I fell in love with the inner workings of the newspaper. I
also fell in love with the idea of always pursuing the truth. People
today just don’t tell the truth enough.

Joyce: What did I, as the author of your story, make you do that you
didn’t want to?
Charlie: I really didn’t want to be super empathic. I mean, hello?
That crap is hell. Would YOU want to relive something traumatic that
happened to someone else just because you shook his or her hand? I
have enough trouble dealing with my own issues.

Joyce: What do you think you did surprised me?
Charlie: I think Noah and I surprised you a bit when we got naked. I
know you had to be blushing. Luckily, you had a fan and some wine to
slurp down to get you through the naughty bits.

Joyce: What’s your favorite way to procrastinate?
Charlie: I love to read. Newspapers, news Web sites, magazines. Books,
of course. You would probably smack me upside the head if I didn’t
mention novels. The really hot kind. I also love working in my nana’s
garden. She had a spectacular garden when she was alive, and since I
live in her house, I’ve tried hard to keep her garden up to her

Joyce: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Charlie: If I could have had a superpower, wouldn’t you have given me
one? : ) I’d want to be invisible so I could sneak into the offices of
bad guys everywhere and bust them for jerking people around.

Joyce: What’s the last book you read?
Charlie: Cold Midnight, of course. Chase Manning is almost as hot as
Noah, but not quite. He’s even more alpha than Noah, that’s for sure.

Joyce: What word do you love?
Charlie: Truth.

Joyce: What word do you hate?
Charlie: Can I say two words? No comment. I’m not saying that I have
no comment. I’m saying that I hate it when a source on a news story
says, “No comment.”

Joyce: What turns you on?
Charlie: Noah, of course. Especially when he’s in alpha-male horn-dog mode.

Joyce: Cats or dogs?
Charlie: Cats. I leave the dogs to my sister Alex. I have one cat,
named Atticus after Atticus Finch in my favorite book, To Kill a
Mockingbird. That’s my favorite book (sorry, Joyce) because of the
coming-of-age story as well as the good-vs.-evil theme.

Joyce: Chocolate or vanilla?
Charlie: Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

Joyce: Mountains or beach?
Charlie: Since I live near the beach in Florida, a great vacation to
me is a trip to the mountains. My parents have a cabin in the
Shenandoahs. My family spent lots of great summers there when Sam,
Alex and I were kids.

Joyce: One last question: Do you prefer Noah in boxers or briefs?
Charlie: Neither. (Laughs evilly).

Thanks, Charlie, for talking with me today. I hope everyone enjoys
your story. And, thanks, too, book fans, for taking the time to sit
with Charlie and me today. To read an excerpt of True Vision, go to

*And because I LOVE Joyce and her writing, I’m offering one commenter a signed copy of TRUE VISION.  Giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents, please no PO boxes. Good Luck and enjoy!!!*