Beatrice Small

May 2010

Publisher: Harlequin

Series: World of Hetar Series, #6

ISBN-13: 9780373774494

ISBN: 0373774494

Source: From the publisher via NetGalley


From the Publisher

A hundred years have passed since the Faerie woman Lara last saved the world of Hetar from the darkness. Her youth and her beauty remain as always. The passing years, however, have taken many of her friends and kin. Her influence has waned. Those who remember her heroism in times of peril are few. Even her great-grandson, Cadarn, Dominus of Terah, denies her strong magic.And all the while Lara’s son, the charming but nefarious Twilight Lord, Kolgrim, waits patiently for his moment. But Kolgrim will not make his father’s mistakes by waging war. His way is more subtle, and sinister. Despite Lara’s formidable powers she fears there is little to be done. Yet before all is lost she will fulfill the long-ago prophecy of her daughter Anoush to unite the world of Hetar.And as the darkness falls Lara finds that more than ever she needs the wisdom, the love and the support of the great Shadow Prince, Kaliq. While her youngest daughter, Marzina, will prove to all that she is more than just her mother’s daughter. In her greatest trial yet, Lara and Kaliq will finally meet her long foretold destiny together.


CROWN OF DESTINY by Beatrice Small is a mystical, delightful fantasy romance. It is the sixth and final book in the World of Hetar series. It is well written with detail and depth. It has hate, jealousy,it is full of explicit sex scenes, romance, destiny, and true love.  The characters are engaging and are easy to relate to. It is about fulfilling ones destiny. This fantasy world is about faeries and the dark lords, the fairies try to protect the mortals by using magic, but through the years they no longer believe in magic. The dark lord takes over and darkness descends upon Hetar and He rah. If you enjoy fantasy, magic, and mystical world you will enjoy this story. It is an interesting read. This book was received for review.

Reviewed by April Renn

Rating:   4