Emery Lee

April 2010

Sourcebooks, Incorporated

ISBN-13: 9781402236426

ISBN: 1402236425

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The breathtaking origins of thoroughbred horse racing
A tale of drama, danger, thwarted love, and retribution set in the high stakes gentleman’s world of 18th century horse racing, where fortunes could be won… and lost…
She’s lonely and neglected, but she knows horses…
Charlotte Wallace is orphaned and alone until a sympathetic stable boy takes her under his wing and teaches her everything about thoroughbred racing. In the process, the two discover in each other a love destined to be thwarted at every turn…
If only he could, he’d take her away with him forever…
Robert Devington has tried everything to persuade Charlotte’s uncle to allow them to marry. Then an ill-fated friendship, a scandal in the making, and one desperate act of folly rob them of their love and his livelihood… Dead set on retribution, all Robert’s hopes are hanging on one small horse—his only chance to reclaim his land, his dignity, and his love, against all odds…


THE HIGHEST STAKES by Emery Lee is a delightful debut historical romance with twists and turns.  This story definite has passion,intrigue, history, a love for horse racing, a love of horses, romance, betrayal, forgiveness and retribution. It is well written with depth and detail.  The detail of  Thoroughbred horse racing and all it involved in the 18th century in England and the colonies, especially Virginia is amazing and very interesting. The characters are charming, easy to follow and will pull you into the story with them. The secondary characters help keep the story going, although in my opinion are down right evil. It is a wonderful, delightful story of true love and retribution. The two main characters are truly in love, but due to betrayals and a mean uncle takes years to finally fulfill their dreams. If you enjoy history,intrique, romance, some suspense you will definitely enjoy this one. This is an author to be watching for. 

Reviewed by April Renn

Rating: 4.5


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