Recently Jennifer Haymore shared on her blog that she’s dealing with Breast Cancer. In response many like Fatin at her blog are Spreading the word, and giving away Jennifer’s books or other things. In general letting Jennifer know that they support her. With this thought in mind I wanted to do something as well, but since I’ve already given away Jennifer’s book, thanks to Grand Cental, I thought of something else.

I found this site:

They are collecting books for Children of Cancer Patients. I found this to be a great idea. So I’m hoping to help and wanted to share the link with you all so that you can donate if you are so inclined. I’m doing my donation in honor of Jennifer and one in memory of my mother in law who passed away 2yrs ago from cancer. I am also going to get a box together to take to the Cancer Center that my MIL visited for treatments, maybe they will help someone else who’s dealing  with cancer to find relaxation and a little comfort.

If you have an idea or way to share or help please let me know.

And Jennifer you have my prayers!