Mary Margret Daughtridge

March 2010

Sourcebooks, Incorporated

ISBN-13: 9781402236983

ISBN: 1402236980

*This book was recieved for the purpose of a review*


From the Publisher

Navy SEAL Davy Graziano is a happy-go-lucky lady killer, so nobody is surprised when he goes for some “local action” at a fellow SEAL’s wedding.But JJ Lewis turns out to be a generous, beautiful businesswoman and civic leader, and Davy’s gotten in way over his head. She’s got motives to find herself a husband double-quick and she has the brilliant idea of picking a military husband who’ll be away on tours of duty and she won’t have to deal with him much. She allows Davy to think he’s seduced her at the wedding, but that one nightstand was all the interview process she needed.Davy has ulterior motives of his own to accept her out-of-the-blue marriage proposal, which is supposed to be strictly a business proposition. But it doesn’t take long after the wedding ceremony for both of them to discover they’ve gotten a lot more than they bargained for.


SEALED WITH A RING by Mary Margret Daughtridge is book 3 of her SEALED series, following SEALED WITH A KISS and  SEALED WITH A PROMISE. First let me say that Mary Margret Daughtridge is an awesome lady from my home state of North Carolina. And I always ALWAYS try to support my local authors, now let me tell you about this great book. From the previous statement you may awesome I’d be baised, and that’s probably true, if the books weren’t so great. But this series is one of the best IMHO. SEALED WITH A RING touches on an issue that many in the military deal with, however you rarly see it addressed in romance novels. And that is brain injuries and how they affect not only the person hurt but those around them. This is a marriage of convience story, but it didn’t really read like that to me. Both JJ and David(Davy) are strong characters who have their own issues, fears, lives to deal with. They aren’t perfect, they aren’t superheroes, they are “normal” people. I could see these characters being my friends in real life. Ms. Daughtridge has set SWAR in North Carolina, one of the best settings for a story, IMHO, that adds to the feel of this story. There is the small southern town touch that just makes you smile. The romance between David and JJ is sexy, fun,and very believable. I loved seeing characters from previous stories and I love the hints to upcoming stories. While this is part of a series, I will say it can be read as a stand alone, even though I think you’ll be rushing out to get the previous titles and bugging Ms. Daughtridge for the next story. I would highly recommend SEALED WITH A RING to readers who love emotional stories that deal with SEALs. This is a story that will leave you smiling.

Because I love this story so very much I have decided to offer one copy of SEALED WITH A RING to a commenter on this review. If you’ve read this story or previous ones from Ms. Daughtridge I’d love to know your thoughts, if you haven’t what most appeals to you about the premise of this story?

Reviewed by Wendy Keel

Rating 4.5