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Coming September from Zebra: “The Vengeful Bridegroom” by Kit Donner     From The Post: circa 1812   The Honorable Louella Parsimmons has an exclusive interview with Miss Madelene Colgate on her narrow escapes from matrimony.  See Page 10.  

Page 10

Read below for the tantalizing details of one London miss who seeks to avoid matrimony!  

 The Honorable Louella Parsimmons (THLP): So, Miss Colgate, my readers want to know if it’s true you are avoiding matrimony and whether you have jilted gentlemen at the altar. Please describe your side of the story.  

 Miss Madelene Colgate (MC): (looking lovely and contrite at the same time): Ah, er, it is not exactly that I’m avoiding matrimony. The gentlemen of my acquaintance always seem to be more interested in the depth of my wealth rather than the depths of my affection for them. I almost made it to the altar on one or two occasions but my heart couldn’t go through with the hypocrisy. I’m quite content to live here in Bloomsbury with my brother. We have a lovely life together.  

 THLP: Sounds like you are either trying to convince my readers of your contentment or yourself. Given your determination not to marry, are you willing to entertain any new offers for your hand?  

MC: Oh, no, quite the contrary. Er- yes, correction, I would not turn away any offers of a convivial arrangement.  

THLP: You know, we haven’t mentioned the scandal in connection with your brother last year. Can you elaborate on the circumstances of the duel with Mr. Gabriel Westcott?

(Miss Madelene’s cheeks grew quite pink at the mention of Mr. Westcott’s name.)   MC (stiffly): Do not mention that gentleman’s name again within my hearing! He almost killed my brother. He is a very cruel and vindictive type of man. My brother told me how he badgered him into a duel- something about dishonoring his sister’s name, which is most certainly a vicious lie!  

 THLP: Such vehemence toward Mr. Westcott. Could you hold a tendre for him you are unwilling to claim?  

 MC: Most certainly not. I wish never to see the gentleman again.  

 THLP: One last question, Miss Colgate, is it true what the tattlers in Town have snared in their traps—news of unwanted child?

MC: (She stands.) This interview is at an end. Please tell your readers there is absolutely no factual truth of a child, whatsoever.  

THLP: Thank you Miss Colgate, I’ll certainly alert my audience to disregard any tales of a child born out of wedlock in Italy.  

 Follow-Up Story on Page 11

 (The Honorable Louella Parsimmons has the latest on the Miss Colgate affair.)   My little birds have informed me that Mr. Gabriel Westcott has actually kidnapped and wed Miss Madelene Colgate!   No one has seen her in weeks but Mr. Westcott left word that the marriage was legal!  

 I must add my condolences to the new Mrs. Westcott.

Poor thing, didn’t want to marry and now married to a man she loathes?  

 How will it end?

 Stay tuned my lovely readers.

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