Heather Barbieri

ISBN-13: 9780061721557

ISBN: 0061721557

Harper Collins Publishing

June 2009

General Fiction


Kate Robinson has just lost her mother, broken up with Ethan (her boyfriend), and her career in fashion has failed. She is going on a trip to Ireland, the one that was supposed to be with her mother. She has been traveling the roads for hours, gone a month and doesn’t know if she is ever going to return. As she relives the time with Ethan and that faithful day, she hears bells. She hides in the bushes waiting for whatever it is to pass. The horse snorts and a wagon appears. The man offers Kate a ride and takes her to Glenmara.

There she meets the Lacemakers. Bernie, the first woman Kate meets, offers her a place to stay and Kate accepts. The Lacemakers meet weekly and there Kate meets the rest of the group. They start teaching Kate how to make lace. Time passes and Bernie knows she is going to need to do something to make sure Kate stays. Kate needs a man and Bernie knows the perfect candidate.

THE LACE MAKERS OF GLENMARA is a wonderful story.  It is funny, sensitive and sad at times. It expresses the hardships these women have gone through. The story relays true to life themes and life lessons that all of us have gone through. I could definitely relate to some of the women in this story which engaged me even more. It gives us hope. Heather Barbieri is a new to me author and I will definitely watch for more novels from her.

Reviewed by: Kelly Ross

Rating 4.5