Today I hope you will join me in welcoming Julie from GETTING LUCKY and Carolyn Brown author of GETTING LUCKY. Set back enjoy the interview, and don’t forget to look for the giveaway! Welcome Carolyn and Julie to My Book Addiction and More!

Hi y’all! Thanks for letting me make a stop by your blog on my tour for Getting Lucky which hit the book shelves on January 1. Julie Donavan, the heroine in Getting Lucky, is an amazing sassy woman that many of you might like to meet before you read the book. Or maybe get to know even better if you have read the book. So for today’s blog I’m going to interview her.

Carolyn: Hi Julie. Thanks for joining us today. My first question is what did you think when you first came to Saint Jo, Texas?

Julie: I thought I’d gone to the end of the earth, taken a left hand turn and fallen into hell.

Carolyn: Then why did you sign a teaching contract, buy a house and stay?

Julie: Because there was no way anyone could ever know about my past in Saint Jo. I could move my daughter, Annie, there and folks wouldn’t look at her and whisper behind their hands.

Carolyn: Why would anyone do that? Annie is a precious little girl.

Julie: Because of that white streak in her hair. I was married to a man who didn’t have it and it was evident at birth that Annie didn’t belong to him but to a one night fling I had while we were separated.

Carolyn: Did you not know before she was born that she wasn’t his child?

Julie: Nope, had no idea. We were separated and I went out with the girls for a weekend. The next week the sorry SOB wormed his way back into my life.

Carolyn: What kind of feeling did you have the first time you saw Griffin and his daughter, Lizzy, in your classroom?

Julie: Shock, with a capital S, a capital H and so on. I thought the world had come to a screeching damn halt and had fallen off its axis. It was undoubtedly the worse first day of school I ever had. I’d jumped from the frying pan into the fire. He was the man who I’d had the fling with and he acted like he didn’t even remember it.

Carolyn: What made you stay and not run right back to Jefferson, Texas?

Julie: Stubborn Irish blood and pride. I don’t back down from a fight and Mr. Luckadeau had started one when he refused to admit that he’d never met me.

Carolyn: Did you try to avoid him?

Julie: That was my intention but Saint Jo is a small town and everywhere I went there he was. Church, the Dairy Queen, a rodeo, the town meeting, even a regatta. And every day he came to the school to get his daughter Lizzie. So as I was doing my job it was always in the back of my mind that he was going to show up at the end of the day looking like … well, take a peek at the cover of Getting Lucky. That’s what I had to look forward to.

Carolyn: What was your reaction when fate kept putting him in the same place you were?

Julie: He’s one hunky, sexy cowboy and there’d been more heat between us from the beginning than I could remember from that drunken night in the motel room when I got pregnant with Annie. Back then he had been shaven bald because he was going to Iraq but he was even more handsome with all that gorgeous hair.

Carolyn: How did Annie and Lizzy react to each other?

Julie: Like two little sisters who’d known each other all their lives. Right from the beginning they were best friends. That went over like cow chips in the church punch bowl with Griffin.

Carolyn: Tell me about when Lizzy’s mother showed up and kidnapped the wrong girl?

Julie: I was ready to mop up the whole Saint Jo square with that hussy’s dyed hair. The witch had no right to Lizzy and she damn sure shouldn’t have grabbed my Annie. Hells bells, she didn’t even know her own daughter. Granted Annie and Lizzy look alike but a mother should know her own child.

Carolyn: Do you have any advice for single parents out there who fall in love and have to combine families?

Julie: I’m a true believer in love conquering all things. Life isn’t easy but love smoothes out a hell of a lot of rough spots.

Carolyn: Are you a true believer in fate after what happened between you and Griffin?

Julie: Yes, ma’am. I believe could be tattooed on my fanny in fancy script lettering. And, honey, I’m not talking about believing in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. What else would have put me in Saint Jo and created all those incidents that drove me and Griffin right into each other’s arms.

Carolyn: Thank you, Julie for visiting with us today. Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Julie: Just that Griffin and I both were stubborn when it came to telling our story. We made Carolyn rewrite so many times it wasn’t even funny, but she finally got it just right. Now I’ve got to go put three kids to bed and then maybe there’ll be some lucky time with Griffin.

Carolyn: Whew! I’m looking at the cover now. You are a lucky woman.

Julie: Yes, ma’am, I really am. Anyone who wants to know just how lucky can pick up a copy of Getting Lucky and read the whole story.

Carolyn: Okay, readers, take a look at Griffin Luckadeau on the cover of Getting Lucky. What would you ask him if you could interview him?


Single mom Julie Donavan is looking for a place to start over. What she finds after buying a small house on five acres is nothing short of a nightmare.

Single dad “Lucky Griffin” Luckadeau has been crossing horns with his elderly neighbor for years. But when his daughter, Annie, decides she wants the new little girl who lives on the feuding property to be her friend, or better yet her sister, the sparks fly.

These two stubborn hotheads, who irritate each other beyond endurance, refuse to admit that it’s fate that brought them together. And running from the inevitable is only going to bring a double dose of misery…


Carolyn Brown, an award-winning author who has published 36 romance novels for the library market, credits her eclectic family for her humor and writing ideas. She was born in Texas but grew up in southern Oklahoma where she and her husband, Charles, a retired English teacher, now make their home in the town of Davis, Oklahoma. They have three grown children and enough grandchildren to keep them young. 

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