Like my title? I am working on winners now so please be patient with me. The holidays kicked my rear, then DH has tried to work me to death, our son has an infection in his left pointer finger(so not pretty) and then yesterday my mom calls to tell me the fire department is at their house. The fan to their heater caught fire, and they had black smoke everywhere. After grabbing the cat, Sassy, and bird, Figgie, they got out. But they weren’t sure if there was a true fire or not. Turns out there was a lot of smoke but little else. Or so they thought until today, when the company finally arrived to try to fix the heater, and then they found out that the whole system under the house melted! I’m soooo glad the Lord was looking out for them. The things that could have happened…….so I’ve been worrying about them. I’ve tried to talk them into coming here, but they won’t do it. So please say an extra prayer for them and that things can be fixed with little cost.

So I am working on winners but it will most likely be tomorrow before I post them. Also if you’ve won and still have NOT recieved your book please let me know.

Thanks everyone!