by Kathryne Kennedy

Product ISBN: 9781402229909  
Publication Date: December 2009

A wild west heiress, Summer Wine Lee knows that she’s not an acceptable bride for her fiance’s knickerbocker family. She grew up in an Arizona mining town, cares more for critters than people, carries a knife under her skirts, and, worst of all, she has a highly improper secret from her past. But she also has high hopes that a real English Duke can teach her how to be a lady…

Were it not for his father’s gambling debts, the Duke of Monchester would never have stooped to civilize Summer. But the more time he spends with her, and the more social scrapes he has to rescue her from, the more he finds it impossible to change her into a proper lady. How could he, when he’s falling in love with her just the way she is?

MY UNFAIR LADY BY KATHRYNE KENNEDY is a romance. This author has done a wonderful job. This story is delightful, witty, full of suspense, mystery, adventure and romance.  This is a country bumpkin meets an aristocrat. What a wonderful story .The characters are very entertaining and charming. The story is well written with depth and character. This is a fast paced, page turning, truly delightful story. It is sensual, but very entertaining. I would highly recommend this book.
Reviewed by AAR
Rating 4.5
This book is a bit rare as it will get two reviews. For those who may not know, my mother is the AAR who writes reviews for this blog. So while the above is her review let me give you my thoughts on this great book as well. See we both read it, and read it close to the same time, often I’ll read a book weeks prior to her reading it, or she’ll read weeks/mths before I get a chance to. So our reviews don’t work to be together, but this one……
MY UNFAIR LADY by Kathryne Kennedy is a great story. There is romance, but more than that there is laughter. I can still “see” scenes from this story. The hero is so fun to watch as he watchs Summer. Summer is so great a character. She’s realistic, and she’s cute. This is one of those rare historicals that will make it to your keeper shelf, but not stay there long! You’ll be rereading it, and telling others to read it. Fans of fun, witty, deeply engaging stories will find MY UNFAIR LADY a prize!
Reviewed by Wendy Keel
Rating 4.5
I hope you’ll stop by Sourcebooks to get your own copy of this great story. Please be sure to check out Kathryne’s blog post, where she interviews Summer. It’s awesome and you have a chance to win a copy of this book for yourself. The post goes live tomorrow, December 8th, 2009.
*This book was recieved for review from Sourcebooks. Recieving the book did NOT influence our words or thoughts of this book, it really is a great story.*