Shadows from the Past by Lindsay McKenna
Hi Everyone
I want to thank Wendy for inviting me back.  Come December 1, 2009, my next HQN, Shadows from the Past comes out.   I love cowboy stories.  It’s naturally in my blood because not only was I born in the West, I lived on a farm and at one time, bred and showed Arabian horses.
I have favorite places in our beautiful country. One of them is a jewel that is little known except by avid hikers and those looking beyond Yellowstone National Park.   Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is quite a place.  It is the main route in Wyoming and south, to get to  Yellowstone National Park.  And while many of you may have visited there, did you know you drove right through Teton National Park?  Many don’t.  The Tetons, a sharp, jagged group of mountains that suddenly appears out of the crust of the Earth, are incredibly beautiful.  And for those who have the time, wild animals abound and they are not afraid of humans.
As a photographer (amateur) I find it far easier to take close-ups of buffalo, moose, fox, grizzly bear, black bear and wolf in the Teton’s than Yellowstone.   And, the Teton’s is not over run with tourists like its more popular sister is.  For sheer beauty, wonderful hiking trails, very few tourists and breath taking scenery, I’ll take the  Tetons anytime.
I love the Jackson Hole and Teton area so much that I decided to set up a series of HQN books in that wild West country.  I want to share this secret place with my readers.  Wyoming is a rugged place with long, brutal winters and about five months of better weather.  Wimps don’t live in Wyoming!  These people are independent, hardy and practical.  While Jackson Hole is a secret “Palm Springs” in Wyoming, it does boast a very rich crowd who uses it as a second home during the summer months.
I’ve been to Jackson many times in my travels around our country.  The land and people are fascinating and interesting which is why I’m setting my books there.  The first is Shadows from the Past.  If you’re a Morgan’s Mercenaries reader, this book is for your!  This is Kamaria Trayhern’s story.  She is the fifth child of Morgan and Laura.  Adopted when only six months old, they take her into their family.  While Kamaria grows up in the loving household, Laura and Morgan never lie to her.  They tell Kamaria that she has been adopted at an age when she could grasp and understand what that meant.  And of course, anyone who is adopted always wants to find their real parents.
Kamaria is on the search for her real father.  Her mother died in an earthquake in Los Angeles and protected Kamaria with her own body. Her mother was adopted also, and Kamaria has only  one parent to try and find:  her father.   The trail leads to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   Kamaria tries not to expect anything, but her life under cover as a care giver to a feisty eighty year old matriarch of a ranch embroils her in danger.  Further, Kamaria is not looking for love, but when a handsome and rugged cowboy who works at the ranch catches her eye, attraction is instant.
The life of an adopted person is one with so many emotional twists and turns that just the thought leaves me in awe of them.  Kamaria’s journey is no different than anyone else who has lost a parent but now is trying to find them.  Will the parent reject them out of hand?  Love them and welcome them?  Or something in between?  While writing Kamaria’s book i became even more respectful of adopted people.  Their road to knowing their real roots is daunting.
And while Kamaria’s story is the last of the one Trayhern brother, this now allows me to write about the others.  Noah Trayhern and Alyssa Trayhern have children, too.  I hope you will join me while I write about them.  In Silhouette Romantic Suspense, I introduce Emma Trayhern-Cantrell, the daughter of Alyssa and Clay Cantrell.  His Woman in Command, March, 2010, SRS, introduces readers to Emma.  However, she doesn’t get her book until 2011, so stay tuned.  I intend to choose some of the other Trayhern siblings for continuing stories of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It is something I look forward too!
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