Shelley Galloway
Pub. Date: January 2009

From the Publisher


Matt Madigan’s back in town…

And Minnie Clark’s furious. Not only does she have her hands full being a new mother to her young niece, she has to face her high school crush again…and he’s building a megastore that could put her struggling gift shop out of business!

Ten years ago Minnie was head over heels for Matt Madigan. Of course, the star football player never noticed. Minnie had to sit on the sidelines and watch as he dated her more popular, prettier sister. Now she has a constant reminder of those painful days–he’s her new neighbor! But she’s not going to let him waltz back into their Texas hometown full of big plans, just to break her heart all over again….


MOMMY IN TRAINING by Shelley Galloway is a Harlequin romance and a wonderful, sweet romance. Matt the home town hero comes back to open a supercenter to help the town and townspeople. He has issues from his past and with his future due to the project. Minnie’s sister dated Matt in high school but Minnie had a crush on him.  She is now raising her niece due to the death of her niece’s parents. She is kind, and recognizes the need for help. A love begins in small steps with a happy ever after  ending. MOMMY IN TRAINING has a good story line, the characters are believable and stay with you after the book is finished.

Reviewed by AAR

Rating 4 1/2

Sweet Romance

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