promohlwn_ftrcat You see my black kitty? It actually does look like my mom’s cat Sassy. Well me and Sassy are looking for your help. You see I want to have a Halloween giveaway and start it next week, however I’m having a small problem of finding current releases with a Halloween theme that I’ve read. So apparently this has not be a season I read. I have one book so far to offer MY FAVORITE WITCH by Lisa Plumley which is absolutely awesome!!!! I can’t wait for more.

Now I’d love to get some suggestions from you all as to books that are Halloween set, or would work for a Halloween giveaway, the same for Thanksgiving. Christmas I have no issues with(not surprising is it) so any suggestions for book for me to look at to offer for a Halloween giveaway as well as a Thanksgiving giveaway would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!


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