by Yona McDonough
  • Pub. Date: September 2009
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
  • ISBN-13: 9781439102534
  • ISBN: 1439102538

From the Publisher



Mia Saul is down on her luck. Dumped by her husband, jettisoned from her job, and estranged from her adored older brother, she and her young daughter, Eden, have had to make a downscale move to a crummy apartment, where their neighbors include a tough young drug dealer and a widower who lets his dogs use the hallways as their own personal litter box. Juggling a series of temporary jobs, wrangling with her ex-husband over child support, and trying to keep pace with Eden’s increasingly erratic behavior have left Mia weary and worn out.


So when a seemingly functional ATM starts handing Mia thousands and thousands of dollars — and not deducting the money from her account, because it sure isn’t in there — she isn’t about to give it back. Her newfound cash stash opens up a world of opportunity, and a whole lot of trouble. Worried friends, family, and in-laws start questioning her judgment about everything, and the cops really, really want to know where all that cash is coming from. And then there’s Patrick, a man Mia most definitely would never have met if things hadn’t spun out of control. Mia is beginning to think that maybe somebody, somewhere, is trying to teach her a lesson about what matters in life, and what doesn’t….





BREAKING THE BANK is a modern day fairytale with twist. Mia makes poor choices, is questioned about her child rearing abilities after she gets divorced. She has been scraped for cash, being a single mom with a husband who doesn’t pay child support on time. She goes to the bank’s ATM to get cash and receives miracles. This causes delight and other problems and issues. She lives in a not so good apartment, works at part time jobs to make ends meet. The ATM keeps
giving her miracles of money to her amazement. She ends up in jail, going to trail for a murder she isn’t involved in, has a fling or two along the way,this is a wild story but has a good story line. Does have sex and foul language,but is a good book, may  not work for all readers.
Reviewed by AAR
Rating: 4
Some Sex and foul language
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